Diesel Fem


Buy Diesel Strain for your home garden.

This Sativa dominant strain boast big buds, covered with orange hairs and sticky resin making it a beauty to feast your eyes upon! After smoking this, you will be energized to the max and inspired with creative energy for at least two hours. Diesel is the perfect buzz when you want to concentrate and focus.

Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
THC Content: 12-21%
Grapefruit, berry flavors with fuel like undertones.

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    It was my first apprehensive purchase to improve my tent and it shipped fast and discreet seeds all their and clever packaging all seeds germinated gna upload pics as they grow got Diesel Strain seeds and loved the freebies with the same genetics of my choice. They seem to have it down should make the guaranteed shipping a required thing so no one loses there orders lol
  • '1' '15194'
    I have ordered from them many times. They struggle greatly with credit cards. For two days I tried. Then on the 3rd day I got through. They double charged me and sent me double order. I saw it right and notified them. They took two days to answer. We sent out BOTH orders yesterday!!?? Tried contacting them- impossible to get a human.