Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Fem

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Buy Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Feminized Seeds!

This amazing strain is 55% Indica and 45% Sativa and grows well indoors or outdoors.

It is easy to grow and produces high yields.

Buy Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer!

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Buy Girl Scout Cookies Crossed With Jack Herer Feminized Seeds Online Now!

This awesome strain is sure to please. Not only is it easy to grow and produces high yields its also a great potent bud!

With a lineage of 55% Indica and 45% Sativa, the strain brings together two of the most successful strains of all time into this seed strain.

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  • '5' '3058'
    Bought 1 germination was a success
  • '1' '3058'
    Good Morning,
    Some strains are brand new to our catalogue and have a little less information.
    We are constantly updating our website to include relevant information about our strains.
    Coming Soon!!
  • '4' '3058'
    how come you dont give all the info? some of your seeds have more info then others so dont have any at all like fire OG. what about thc %? what about yield? indoor or outdoor?
  • '5' '3058'
    ONe of the few companies I’ve seen that sells single seeds. Quick delivery and easy to order. Seeds were all dark brown and healthy. I will definitely be ordering again soon.
  • '5' '3058'
    ordered 7 different seeds all popped and are doing well. They were planted 2/13/2019. Will have to wait until oct. for a better review. The seed company is really great has everything at a decent price, fast shipping and the seeds are all are growing well.
  • '1' '3058'
    Plants dont look anything like pictures 😅
  • '1' '3058'
    When will you have more seeds in stock? Almost all your seeds are out of stock :(
  • '5' '3058'
    Bought 5 of these beautiful seed's. Started in moss pucks, than into soil. They are 4 weeks old now, all short and very thick after topping them. Good strong plants. Can not wait to try her. Thanks so very much, for the rockin seeds. Heather
  • '5' '3058'
    Strain hunters unite! This strain is worth buying if you like the cookies strains. We keep an F1 of this for my wife’s daily smoke. Rick was nice to deal with and helpful.
  • '5' '3058'
    5stars all the way thanks to Kay. Will be a customer again soon.
  • '5' '3058'
    Recveived my package and got 2 extra seeds! So I put all 7 into a cup and 6/7 moved onto the next round. Currently in soil, about 28 inches high and looking nice. Will see what happens at harvest, but optimistic. 5 Stars so far
  • '5' '3058'
    I get a nice euphoria with about half gram of this in a joint. In a bong, I can get a buzz from much less. We will be keeping this strain in our room for sure.
  • '5' '3058'
    Awesome potency and yield. I am stocking up on this one. 80% germ rate on my first batch of 10.
  • '5' '3058'
    Just got this shipped to my hotel and can't wait to bring it home and germ. I used the express shipping and received it exactly at 4 days. Good service and easy to get a hold of.
  • '5' '3058'
    I ordered these seeds even though it said they took 3-4 weeks for delivery and my package came in about 23 days. The beans popped their taproots within about 36 hours and are currently healthy. I got an 80% germination rate which is pretty good. I would recommend I49 to anyone in California looking for cost effective, reliable beans.