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Buy Gold Leaf Strain for your home garden.

This Indica-dominant hybrid strain boasts high levels of both THC and CBD, making it a great choice for anxiety or seizure-disorders. Expect these plants to shoot up fast and tall during vegetation thanks to their strong sativa component. Uplifting and creative, fun and frisky.

Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
THC Content: 21%
Smooth earthy skunky taste with a touch of pungent diesel

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  • '5' '15285'
    Products came quickly and the order was correct. Customer service was a 10 of 10 when I had questions. Products packages are labeled with an ink pen on plastic that can easily rub off. Be careful! If you even touch it, you can rub it off. Couldn’t read half packages, tho we later were able to figure out, with the help of a wonderful 10 of 10 customer service rep. It’s a real bad thing that the free seeds are a guess. They don’t tell you what your free seeds are. So in my case, I got 6 free seeds I couldn’t use due tot he length of time they take. SO they are worthless to me. I won’t order here again because of a free seed promo. Why would I if I cant even know what they are before I order. Other than those 2 things…I had a great experience. With the above 2 adjustments, my experience would be unbeatable. I hope to see these changes made and would order again if they are.
  • '5' '15285'
    In all the years I have grown I have always counted on locally available seeds due to the horror stories about online seed banks but when i read the reviews on the i49 website I decided to take a chance. Ordering was simple and I had no issues whatsoever, The experience was pleasurable and simple. Once my payment went cleared I had my seeds in less than a week and the staff answered all questions and put any fears to rest. I have already planned out my next orders and referred my friends and family that grow.