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Buy Green Crack Strain for your home garden.

Also known as “Green Cush”, this Sharply invigorating Sativa will motivate you with a mental buzz that keeps you focused and alert. Skunk #1 was crossed with Afghani Indicas to give rise to this heavy-yielding plant with small tight green buds. Very popular choice for Sativa-lovers!

Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
THC Content: 17-25%
Mild earthy flavor with a touch of Mango and pungent skunk

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  • '5' '15323'
    This company (i49) shipped my items to the U.S. within one business week. I was extremely surprised at the speed of arrival and that my products did not end up “lost” in the mail or anything. I have ordered previously from Nirvana and from seedsman. I no longer use Nirvana and seedsman was out of stock on what I needed, but i49 had it. I was slightly hesitant at first to use a new company, but they have my trust now and I believe I will continue to use them because I really enjoy the high quality freebies I received. It almost seems like the freebies were selected based on what I would like, based on what I ordered, rather than just random. And I feel like that is very personal and nice, and also they were expensive namebrands seeds. I appreciate this practice and I want to return as a customer. As far as my order, I have popped 2 out of 3 Green Crack strain that I ordered and they seemed to be thriving. I have one of those left. And the 2 freebies seeds were Somango i49. Thank you. Oh, and there was a tracking number for my order. Excellent work. And my products came in their original packaging.
  • '5' '15323'
    I felt trepidation about ordering marijuana seeds online, but I went with i49 after seeing some reviews and recommendations. I made the order and paid. A week later there were seeds. There was a small problem and i49 fixed it without any hassles. The customer service is beyond excellent. i49 delivers on thier claims, they are honest and look after thier customer.