Kandy Kush / Candy Kush Fem

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Buy Kandy Kush / Candy Kush Strain for your home garden.

The splendid blend of two celebrity-status strains Trainwreck (Sativa Dominant) and OG Kush (Indica Dominant), Kandy Kush is a sight to behold. Buds can present many hues of colors, including purple, green, blues, and even pink. The first few tokes treat you very sativa – happy and uplifted, then when the Indica creeps in later, you will find yourself searching for a couch to lean on!

Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
THC Content: 15-21%
Nice and sweet berry and pine flavor

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    GREAT selection, GREAT prices, GREAT stealth shipping. Ordered ftom i49 multiple times, always with stealth shipping. RECEIVED MY ORDER EVERYTIME with no problems or delays. Free seeds everytime. THANK YOU i49!
  • '5' '15396'
    Arrived as promised! Seeds look healthy and perfect coloration for viable seeds. I planted two Kandy Kush I ordered and they are doing well. Muchas gracias for the excellent service and perfect seeds.