Lemon Kush Fem

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Buy Lemon Kush Strain for your home garden.

Most likely a cross of Afghan Kush and Lemon G, this tasty hybrid lies right on the fence at 50% Sativa / 50% Indica. Light green buds adorn the 1 meter tall plants. Your grow room will smell as if it were just mopped with pine-sol.

Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
THC Content: 17-26%
Sweet and zesty lemon

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    Yes im very pleased, I almost freaked out a little when I couldn’t find the seeds at first! Very clever way of hiding the beans lol. Germination was basically 100% Thank you I will recommend you to friends peace and keep growing. Please offer reg seeds as free ones, personally i think feminized seeds are subpar to regular seeds and make terrible mother plants! Thank you and keep up the great work!
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    so far they got here the same time as other place i usually go to the single seed center. but see the single seed centre is mostly cashed out and never restocks what i want, nearly like every category is sold out and low and behold, you cant but them in single seeds! if your called the single seed centre, you sell single seeds. i shouldnt have to buy a breeder pack if you sell singles as your name. so i went to buy a breeder pack. so i went i49 cause fuck single seed centre. they never restock.