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Fully known as Mazar I Sharif and named after a big city in Afghanistan, this is the cross of a local Afghan kush and Skunk (result 80% Indica / 20 Sativa). These giants can reach up to 3-4 meters tall and are coated in dank resinous buds. Great choice for treating stress, body pain, nausea, lack of appetite, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 15- 20%
Earthy and floral smell with a hint of lavender

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  • '5' '15489'
    Very professional , Outstanding selection. All 5 of my Mazar strain sprouted in 2 1/2 days are now growing vigorously in peat pots and will go into the ground soon! Master of discreet shipping! Took about 10 days to ship, I guess they are really busy, I had to email to make sure they hadn’t forgotten me. My biggest concern was the 2 free seeds, both sour diesel. I was excited to get these but both of them turned out to be duds. One never popped, one never popped, one grew about an eighth inch out of the seedling mix then shriveled up and died. Other than that, very happy with other seeds.
  • '5' '15489'
    I have had a 100% germination rate so far which is great they look amazing so a great quality seed and shipping me bc i thought i had a whole other week to wait but you guys was on top of your game and got them here fast thanks for the freebies and thank you for your effort and time it means alot =)