Nicole Kush Fem

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Buy Nicole KushFem Strain for your home garden.

Nicole x Kosher Kush is a very low-maintenance Indica-Hybrid with respectable yields. You’re first met with a euphoric happy high that may give you the giggles, followed by the more familiar kush “meltdown” where everything (including your mental stress) seems to give in. Chunky olive-green buds coated in dark hairs and nice sticky resin.

Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
THC Content: 18-25%
Sweet and spicy kush taste with sweet berry and pine highlights

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  • '5' '15509'
    I have just purchased but will rate at a later date
  • '5' '15509'
    Got a Nicole KushFem strain from i49. Shipping was slower than death on stilts but they eventually came. (Took about a month to receive seeds) only growing bubblegum and OG Kush at the moment. 30 days into veg and the bubble gum is more than double the size of the OG kush. Disappointed in the size of the OG kush unfortunately but at least it sprouted and grew. I'm excited to see what the bubblegum does. Maybe speed up the times it takes for a shipment to actually leave your facility.
  • '5' '15509'
    You always respond next day. Thanks for finally completing my order. My only problem was customs.