Orange x Skunk Fem

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Buy Orange x Skunk Strain for your home garden.

Orange (already a cross of two unknown Skunk Varieties) is now crossed with even more new Skunk genes to really funk up this pungent and stoney hybrid. High energy buzz with lots of enhanced body awareness. Plants give a high yield with naturally good ventilation between leaves.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 16- 20%
Sweet earthy flavor with accents of wine and berries

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  • '5' '15588'
    So far they got here the same time as other places i usually go to the single seed center. but see the single seed center is mostly is mostly cashed out and never restocks what i want, nearly like every category is sold out and low and behold, you cant buy them in single seeds! so excuse my french , what the fucks the point eh?! if youre called the singel seed center, you sell single seeds. i shouldnt have to buy a breeder pack if you sell single seed center, you sell single seeds. i shouldnt have to buy a breeder pack if you sell singles as your name. so i went to buy a breeder pack. so i went to i49 cause fuck single seeds center. they never restock and if im gonna buy a breeder pack anyways it doesnt matter where i go then. so far just got order. will update after i try to sprout. what i was disappointed in, was that my breeder pack had been broken down into baggies with seeds with no identifying original packaging. that kind of made me feel a little like, these could be anything now wheres the proof of purchase, thats the point of getting the breeder pack, cause its sealed and you know what your getting is true and that they are good people because thats all i have to rely on now is their word, not the legit packaging. that was a huge no no to me and pissed me off a little but i am hoping its legit and i get the genetics ive been after for so long its incredibly important to me im not really a hobbyist im kind of a serious so it matters quite a bit more to me than the average joe. better be the real or will never order again.
  • '5' '15588'
    Just like the website said. A very positive buying experience in my opinion bravo i49