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Sour Diesel, is a strong sativa-dominant strain that gets its name from its aroma which smells of pungent diesel.

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Sour Diesel is a strong sativa-dominant lineage that gets its name from its aroma which smells of pungent diesel. With years of positive feedback from marihuana connoisseurs, this strain is fast-acting and brings about a dreamy cerebral effect that is also energizing and helps combat depression, stress and pain with long lasting relief. Also nicknamed Sour D, this legendary strain was developed in the early 90’s and is a decedent of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk.

I49 users choose sour diesel as an uplifting and invigorating sativa that brings about happy, euphoric energy that also keeps you relaxed. The medicinal uses also include headache relief, stress reduction, depression aid, fatigue improvement and pain management.

Sour-Diesel typically grows well indoors in soil and takes 11 weeks to flower tall plants.

Find Sour Diesel Marijuana Seeds Near Me!

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  • '5' '725'
    Its grrreat!
  • '5' '725'
    After some terrible results from another seed bank, I tried I was optimistic when I saw the seed because they were actually brown with stripes. 10 out 10 have sprouted and they are all very healthy. I will definitely buy again from these guys.
  • '5' '725'
    I received the seeds I ordered in a timely manner. The seeds were not easy to locate in the package., but they were there. I will update after germination and after flower.
  • '5' '725'
    This is amazing
  • '5' '725'
    We got our package, it was a kraft envelope with a thank-you note and the seeds. The delivery took about 8 days to California. We used the papertowel method and got 9/10 to germinate and then got 7/10 going into planter pots. We are newer growers, so this was good enough for us. Looking forward to see what happens in October! We would recommend I49 seeds.
  • '5' '725'
    This is my IDEAL strain. My god. I got off my anti depressants when I found this strain. It's all I smoke and I couldn't be happier. I love moving and doing this. it's absolute bliss.
  • '5' '725'
    Ten times better than coffee and puts you in a ridiculously good mood. Starts the day off right! it's pretty much everything I look for in a Sativa.
  • '5' '725'
    i really enjoy a sativa smoke and this is my first time trying sour deisel - very good! motivating during the day but strong enough to put you to bed at night!
  • '5' '725'
    Im a new grower and I had no problem germinating or flowering this strain. The yield was a bit lower than advertised, but I am new, so the next harvest should be better. Oh, and I ordered these seeds on a Monday and had them by Friday in my mailbox. Thanks i49.
  • '5' '725'
    This is my go to day-time strain. Can’t beat the energy.