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The Cross of Skywalker (Mazar x Blueberry) and Rare Darkness #2, Star Killer possesses mainly Indica qualities. Although first onset is very happy and euphoric, you will soon be completely relaxed and at ease. Dense purple buds exhibit lots of trichomes and little orange hairs. Forgiving in the grow room and easy on the lungs when cured properly.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 26%
Floral and earthy flavors with a hint of lemon and kush

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  • '5' '15788'
    Hi, I’ve used this i49 numerous times now and i have to say i wouldnt go anywhere else for my seeds now. Delivery is great and seeds very well contained on the pack, any issues or questions you have they will bend over backwards to do thier best for you. Even when its your own fault they do what they can to help. 100% with i49 you wont be disappointed
  • '5' '15788'
    These seeds came packaged amazingly. I love how discreet and quick they came. I tried to germinate two of them using very popular. methods online, I soaked them both for 12 hours, one didn’t sink at all and one cracked. I planted both of them for 12 hours, one didn’t sink at all and one cracked. I planted both of them and it has been 10 days and nothing from the floater, and the other seed sprouted with cotyledon, just a little stump, I inspected the root, and it was all intact, it tustve been a runt because it had no signs of leaves. Im still watching it, two days later and its gone from a cool lime green to a yellowish gray. Let me know if theres a specificway they are intended to germinate, maybe i could have better luck. Controlled temperature at 75 degrees f, and kept them in the dark in rapid rooter starter plugs.