Strawberry Cough Fem

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Buy Strawberry Cough Strain for your home garden.

Very accurately named, the small (but potent) buds from this plant are covered in red hairs and smell like a delicious field of wild strawberries. The uplifting high will also calm your nerves while it gives you the energy to pursue your next mission. The thick smoke may cause novice smokers to cough, but that’s half the fun!

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 22-26%
A sweet taste of fresh strawberries

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  • '3' '15818'
    Two of the seeds where small and pale/white. Not happy with thier quality. Sent an e-mail to request replacement of the bad seeds and to cancel the second order. No reply for two days.
  • '5' '15818'
    Well it’s true. Best stealth in the game. A little slow on the front end but we’ll worth the wait. It took as long to ship it did get to me once shipped. Have ordered 3 times and every time it took less than two weeks to the U.S. Did I mention stealth!!! Great seedbank and some great prices too.