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Buy Strawberry Strain for your home garden.

The Mainly Sativa Hybrid Strawberry has its background genetics shrouded in secrecy. This plant offers an unmatchable fresh berry aroma and flavor, and a dreamy high that is so euphoric and expansive. Plants are going to stretch tall outdoors and feature long branches with dark olive-green popcorn nugs coated in sticky resin.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 12-19%
Fresh summer strawberries. Sweet earthy finish.

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  • '5' '15794'
    I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a huge selection of seeds, the delivery was fast. I cannot pronounce about the quality of the seeds since i just got them, but the customer service was pretty fast and helpful since i had some payment issues that resolved the second day.
  • '5' '15794'
    I did this once but am happy to repeat myself. The company reps helped through all the concerns and my product arrived
    safe and sound. The only negative that has happened has been after I receive it. I lost one seed when the pot toppled off the work surface. I replaced it and it sprouted along with all the others. One week later, I’m assuming some tiny insect sucked the life out of it. I have decided the powers that be don’t want me growing strawberry strain. Great company, products and service. the rest is up to you.