Looking to lower the cost when buying your auto seeds? Choosing bulk autoflower seeds helps you save a bundle of cash. It’s common for commercial and home growers to reduce their expenditure as they acquire hundreds or thousands of seeds with every order.

It’s easy to stick to your budget when purchasing autoflowering seeds, as we offer bulk prices to meet the growing demand. Read on to learn how to buy weed in bulk and discover the types of seeds that suit your cultivation goals.

Reasons to choose wholesale weed seeds

The intuitive reason many people buy bulk marijuana seeds is to save money. Acquiring cheap bulk cannabis seeds means enjoying lower prices. Other non-financial factors also exist.

Breeders who want plants with specific traits or to produce seeds tend to keep stocks. Getting the results they need is sometimes difficult, and they don’t want to disrupt the process by running out of seeds, especially hard-to-find ones.

bulk autoflower seeds

To avoid wasting crops because you need to remove the males, use feminized cannabis seeds. They produce only female plants, making your cultivation fuss-free.

You might look for bulk cannabis seeds if you prefer a particular strain or consume weed for medical reasons. Keeping stocks and growing your favorite seeds lowers the risk of not finding them if the seed bank runs out of supply.

For quicker and multiple harvests, choose autoflowering strains. There’s a wide selection of autoflower seeds in our seed bank, catering to every kind of grower and consumer.


Wholesale seeds for sale online in the USA

If you’re a small-scale gardener purchasing 20 to 50 seeds at a time, it helps to know where to buy wholesale cannabis seeds. We’re one of the world’s leading marijuana seed banks. Ordering your supply from us assures you get what you pay for.

At i49.net, we don’t sell third-party seeds—we produce all our strains in-house. You’ll find almost any cultivar in our extensive seed collection, including autoflower seeds in bulk.

We’re so confident that our seeds have high germination rates that we offer a seed replacement guarantee for those that don’t sprout. Within 90 days after delivery, contact us for your free seed, attaching a video and pictures of your germination process.

Get bulk cannabis seeds for sale shipped to anywhere in the USA where it’s legal to grow marijuana. If it isn’t yet allowed, you can buy seeds but don’t germinate them until the law allows it.

Buying from us is easy. Our secure ordering process keeps your private and financial data safe. We offer many payment methods for your convenience, including cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin.

When you buy seeds in bulk from us, we ship your order discreetly. Your package won’t disclose its contents to avoid prying eyes from knowing what’s inside. Browse our wholesale seed collection to find your favorite strain and save.

bulk autoflower seeds

Bulk autoflower seeds

Autoflower seeds are unique as they don’t rely on light schedules to produce buds. Plants from auto seeds transition into the flowering stage as they mature without human interference.

When looking for autoflower seeds for sale in bulk, you’ll find our seed bank has auto seeds in several categories that meet every user’s unique needs.

High CBD seeds are for medicinal consumers or those who wish to enjoy the effects without feeling stoned. The high levels of the cannabinoid offer many potential wellness benefits.

Auto CBD Haze is a blend of a pure CBD Auto and a well sought-after sativa—Haze XXL Auto. Users claim it offers relief from PTSD and arthritis with only a mild buzz.

The genetics from two autoflowers give Auto CBD Haze the resilience to thrive in cold weather, making it suitable for growers in the Northern Hemisphere.

Like most CBD seeds in bulk, you get a fast-growing auto strain, allowing you to enjoy multiple yields per year.

High yield seeds are popular in our feminized category, providing growers with abundant harvests of smokable nugs.

If you’re looking for a strain that’ll produce bountiful harvests, auto Blue Amnesia gives you the most bang for your buck.

Auto Blue Amnesia feminized seeds get their genetics from two well-known strains, Amnesia and Blueberry. A ruderalis cultivar gives it the autoflowering traits growers love.

Many users choose the potent herb when buying wholesale marijuana seeds as they use it to treat ailments like migraines, headaches, arthritis, stress, and anxiety.

Auto Blue Amnesia’s life cycle of about ten weeks is ideal for multiple harvests. With proper care, expect 4 oz./m2 of buds from your indoor garden and 8 ounces from outdoor crops.

Bulk feminized seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are perfect for growers wanting a hassle-free cultivation process. They produce only female plants that deliver the delicious nugs every smoker seeks.

If you’re someone who loves the psychoactive sensations when toking on weed, choose high THC seeds when buying bulk feminized seeds. Due to their potent effects, the buds may help with:

  • Minimizing nausea symptoms
  • Increasing appetite
  • Relieving pain
  • Lowering inflammation

Auto Bubblegum feminized is a high-THC strain from our wide seed collection that’s a favorite among recreational and medicinal users.

The strain is the offspring of the award-winning Bubblegum strain and a ruderalis cultivar. As the name suggests, expect a fruity and sweet, candy-like flavor when smoking the weed.

It’s the perfect choice for growers as it’s beginner-friendly. The strain has a reputation for providing relief to users with physical and psychological issues, including sleeping and eating disorders.

The compact plants make them suitable for small growing spaces. Expect a harvest of 4–6 oz./m2 indoors and 5 ounces per plant outdoors.

bulk autoflower seeds

Another popular category in our bulk seed bank is Low THC seeds, containing a smaller percentage of THC than regular marijuana seeds. They’re ideal for users wanting the benefits of smoking weed without the euphoric buzz.

Auto Critical Mass feminized results from crossing CBD Critical Mass with a ruderalis strain. Its low 8% THC, equal to its CBD content, makes it an ideal herb for those who don’t want mind-blowing effects.

Auto Critical Mass has an impressive lineage, including Critical Mass and its parents—Skunk #1 and Aghani. All three cultivars are on the High Times Magazine “Best Strains of All Time” list.

Bulk cannabis sativa seeds

When looking for bulk marijuana seeds for sale, choose sativa if you prefer the energizing effects of these strains. An excellent start is Auto MG.

Also known as Magnum, Auto MG feminized is a sativa that grows into a moderate-sized plant. With 12 to 15% THC, it’s a potent strain that clears the mind, uplifts, and stimulates creativity without putting you to sleep.

The plants don’t grow tall, but they’re bigger than normal autoflower crops, producing larger yields. Indoor crops give you 17 oz./m2, while outdoor ones offer 7 ounces each.


Bulk cannabis indica seeds

Indica marijuana seeds are perfect for users who enjoy full-body relaxation. Auto Critical Purple is an excellent choice to enjoy the soothing effects.

When choosing indica autoflower seeds in bulk, consider auto Critical Purple feminized and its gorgeous purple buds. Its parents are Critical Mass and Big Bud, crossbred with a ruderalis cultivar. The herb’s indica effects relax and numb you, making it an ideal evening smoke.

Grow the seeds indoors to generate 12 oz./m2 of nugs—outdoor cultivation produces 5 ounces per plant.

CBD seeds in bulk

If you prefer weed without the psychoactive effects, get CBD seeds wholesale from us. One strain that’s a hit with growers and users is auto CBD Kush.

Auto CBD Kush 1 to 1 feminized is perfect for people with low-THC tolerance. Users benefit from the cannabidiol properties, which may help with anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

While growing the herb requires some experience, the strain is resilient and suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. It only takes 11 weeks to produce yields, allowing growers multiple crops every year.

We breed our wholesale seeds the same way as all our other cannabis seeds. We don’t compromise on quality, enjoying lower production costs only due to economies of scale.

We reduce processing costs when selling seeds wholesale, passing the savings to you, the buyer. Enjoy our range of the cheapest bulk autoflower seeds on the market. Check out our wholesale collection today.