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What is BOGO?

An acronym for Buy One Get One, our BOGO promotion is popular with marijuana growers who want premium products. How does the deal work? When you purchase certain cheap cannabis seeds from us, we give you complimentary products at a 1:1 ratio. This match-up means that you get double the value of your purchase.

The BOGO seeds promotion is ideal for those who want to grow more cannabis crops but don’t quite qualify for bulk deals. It’s also a lucrative option for novice cultivators who may require multiple seeds to build up their experience. Veteran growers can replenish their stock at a more affordable rate. Marijuana cultivation can be relatively pricey, and offers like the BOGO seeds deal help reduce the overall cost.

How much do BOGO seeds cost?

The cost of our discount cannabis seeds in this category varies. Some start at $7.81 per seed, but prices are subject to change. To qualify for our Buy One Get One free cannabis seeds deal, keep an eye out for products that display the BOGO banner. Typical options include: 

  • Buy four marijuana seeds from a selected strain and get an additional four seeds for free.
  • Buy eight marijuana seeds from a selected strain and get an additional eight seeds for free.

When you browse our discounted cultivars, the various cannabis seed deals conveniently pop up on the screen. This format makes it easier to decide which offer is most appealing. Only certain strains fall into the BOGO cannabis seeds category, and to keep things interesting, the options change often. Check in regularly to avoid missing out on incredible offers for the most sought-after strains.

Buy One Get One Free at i49

Now that you know all the BOGO seeds benefits, you may want to get your hands on them immediately. Take advantage of these promotions by browsing our i49 store or selecting the deals tab at the top of our homepage. We have a wide selection of weed seeds to choose from, and there’s bound to be an option that piques your interest.

Our Buy One Get One free strains range from popular to lesser-known cultivars. The BOGO cannabis seeds in this range include different variants, like feminized, autoflower, and fast version cultivars. Each product features in-depth and relevant information about the strain. 

Details like the potential yield, growing tips, and flowering time are all available. The cultivar profile makes it easier to decide which marijuana seeds suit your needs best. After placing your order, enjoy discreet delivery and tracked shipping for peace of mind. Why not check out the i49 seed store today and find the ideal BOGO option for your cultivation journey?

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