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These seeds create buds with layers of crystals and take about 8 weeks to flower and harvest at the end of October for Outdoor.

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Our white widow feminized seeds create a High THC plant with lots of crystals.

White Widow is known for a dense trichome covered buds that glisten with a sugary, sweet look.

White Widow is a Sativa and it grows well indoors, in a green house or even outdoors.

For indoor crops you can expect about 8 week flowering times and for outdoor it harvests at the end of October.

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  • '5' '3033'
    2 of my 3 seeds germinated, but my biggest most vigorous and hopefully most potent plant is one of my white widows. I have decent experience growing and have generations in my family of growers, i-49 seeds are the real deal. If you know what you're doing these are commercial grade buds.. easy
  • '5' '3033'
    I purchased 6 seeds, all germinated and are very busy. Two white widows towering over the rest. White hairs everywhere. One month old today.
  • '5' '3033'
    website kicks ass! Large selection, trusted breeder base, excellent customer service. Having quality issues with my purchase in that they are performing well above my expectations. Prompt order delivery. Order was backed up for 1 day(no biggie) because of supplier performance and i received extra beans at no charge.
  • '5' '3033'
    The site was really accessible, had an easy time looking going through everything. More sites should be more easily accessible in order to further my experience.
  • '1' '3033'
    Thank-you for the update!
  • '5' '3033'
    UPDATE, review revisited. Very pleased with the genetics of this strain. Excellent results throughout the whole grow cycle.
  • '5' '3033'
    great genetics. i have planted 5 beans in this flavor. 100% success. the plants are nearing 2 months in veg. I have noticed the indica type fan leaves have become the slender sativia type. means they are ready to go into flower. every plant looks just like the other. 1.5 foot tall, dark green and bushy as all get out. Some of the plants are so thick no light gets to them yet dark green. I am using a soil-less and perlite medium in pots. I have to feed almost every other day. I have had not problem nor stress. I had some yellowing at the ends, yet i flushed and continued to feed every other day or so. I am attempting the SCROG method and maybe 4 -6 good colas from each plant. happy farming and your mileage may vary. these plants are hungry and respond well. 4 foot 4 lamp T5 H.O.
  • '5' '3033'
    White Widow is known for a dense trichome covered buds that glisten with a sugary, sweet look.
  • '5' '3033'
  • '5' '3033'
    Reliving my teenage years through this strain. Love the retro strains I49 thanks!
  • '4' '3033'
    I would have given 5 stars but I only germinated 8 / 10 so they get a 4! This strain brings back memories, and Im happy to find it finally. Pack was received 12 days from order.
  • '5' '3033'
    Bouight these from I49 in a five pack and received my order in two weeks. To be fair, I didnt check my mail, so it may have come earlier. We used the paper towel method and got all five seeds to pop but only 4 survived after we transplanted. The plants are healthy and growing and we will update later. Thanks to I49 for a quick easy transaction.
  • '5' '3033'
    Boom. Definitely my favorite strain, but maybe I'm a dinosaur haha