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Cannabis seeds USA for those who grow them anyway

The internet has dramatically increased the amount of purchasing power that consumers have today – putting you directly in contact with the best suppliers in the world. There is also now an unprecedented level of choice when it comes to the bounty of strains that we have for you to select from! Ideally before you begin browsing, you should have an idea for the intended purpose for your pot once it is harvested (i.e. day-use vs night-use, or treating insomnia vs depression).

Each cannabis strain can be identified as Sativa or Indica dominant. Those which have a mixed component of each are labelled “Hybrids” and can lean in either direction. Sativa seeds are the best purchase for those looking for an uplifting high to boost your mood or creativity. This is your day-time smoke and should generally be avoided by those who already suffer from anxiety or insomnia. The Indica strains, including any ‘Kush’ descendants, tend to be more relaxing and can have greater pain-relieving properties. This is the standard choice for night-time medicine and should be avoided by those with chronic depression or bipolar disorder. Some 50/50 Hybrids are available as well, which give you the most flexibility of using day or night, as they give benefits in multiple areas. Many hybrids are also easier for beginner growers due to their genetic stability and high survival rates in challenging environmental conditions.

What to expect out of your newly purchased weed seeds: Differences between THC and CBD

Although “Cannabis” is now generally regarded as the proper scientific name for the plant (stemming from the Latin family name Cannabacae), it also has a longstanding slang name in North America of Marijuana. Be aware that misspells such as Cannibus, Kannibus, Kannabus, Canebis, Marihuana, or Marajuana are all quite common. Perhaps this is part of the reason we also see abbreviated street names being used such as Grass, Weed, Dope, Bud, Reefer, or Herb (just to name a few!). Ultimately, when the clock strikes 420, it doesn’t matter what you call it or how you consume it! Our products will blow you away whether you are a joint smoker, bong toker, oil maker, or capsule taker

Most strains, whether Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica, will contain a portion of THC (the psychoactive component) that ranges anywhere from 0.1%-30% and up, as well as CBD (the anti-inflammatory or medicinal ingredient) that ranges from 0.1%-20%. If you are looking for a strong high and a strong buzz, look at our selection of HIGH THC seeds. If you don’t want to get high and are seeking relief from chronic medical conditions, read more about our HIGH CBD seeds available online. Different ratios will present a different kind of relief depending on what you are looking for.

Hybrid Cannabis Seeds For Sale Online

Get Hybrid Cannabis seeds from I49 today! We offer a selection of sativa dominant hybrid strains as well as indica-dominant seeds. We can help you achieve that perfect balance between the body stone and couch lock of a true indica hybrid and the energizing, creative high from a sativa hybrid.

Best online Seed Bank for ordering seeds online in the USA

With hundreds of cannabis seeds available, you can pick the approach that is right for you! We have Feminized seeds for beginners looking for an easy no-fuss crop. Revolutionary auto-flowering seeds also offer the opportunity for quicker yields (although you should expect less per plant as they develop at smaller heights). We even offer a rotating selection of Clearance seeds – worth a look if you are shopping for a bargain and are flexible in which strains you purchase online.

When browsing our incredible selection of marijuana strains, pay attention to each strain’s specifications to get the most out of your growing experience. It is wise to consider your growing conditions (climate, indoor/outdoor, daylight hours, humidity, etc) to narrow down a strain that will be successful for your experience level. For example, Kush’s can be more difficult for new growers as they are closer to a pure-bred strain that have genetic weaknesses and are susceptible to pests and mold. Kush and other Indica can thrive in an indoor environment where you have greater control over climate, and they produce a lot of buds (high yielding) in a small amount of space. Sativa, on the other hand, tend to be more lanky, and can stretch to amazing heights outdoors.

Online i-49 Seedbank is your solution to buying quality cannabis seeds in the USA.

Not only does i49 Seedbank carry decades of experience in the marijuana seed marketplace, we also have the modern technology and support team to make your shopping experience easier than ever! Regular Seeds are available for OG grower’s that like the challenge and access to original landrace strains. Our dedicated customer service team is on standby to answer any questions you may have, but please do first browse our FAQ page for some common tips and tricks before you finalize your purchase. Whether you are buying a single seed to try out in indoor windowsill garden or buying by the 100’s to plant out your whole basement or greenhouse, we want your shopping experience to be pleasant from beginning to end.

The i49 Seedbank commitment to quality extends to all our customers in the USA, and regardless of where you live you can expect prompt and discreet shipping. We love to hear back from our customers and are always trying to expand our menu to accommodate the latest popular THC and CBD cannabis seeds. Any weed seeds that are not planted immediately should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place (ideally in a sealed container) for up to three years. After this time frame, the rate of germination may not be as successful, and you may want to re-order fresh stock

Best Cannabis Seeds For Sale Near Me

I49 Seed Bank is home of the best cannabis seeds for sale near me! We won the award for best cannabis-seeds in the opinions of our owners. That’s right, we have the best strains, best customer service and that makes us the best cannabis seed bank.