Is it Legal to Purchase Cannabis Seeds on Christmas Island?


Cannabis is still illegal for recreational use in Australia and its territories, but medical marijuana is set to be legalized by January 2020. Since then, Christmas Island has been a top place for licensed cultivators to grow medical-grade marijuana for use throughout Australia. While most people cannot cultivate marijuana legally yet, they can still purchase seeds for souvenir use. If you’re ready to purchase marijuana seeds, read below to learn more about what you need to know before your first purchase or browse our store now.

Legalization of Marijuana and Ability to Grow on Christmas Island

Marijuana has not yet been legalized for recreational use in Australia, though many places have decriminalized it. In 2016, however, marijuana was set to be legalized for medical use at the federal level. This means anyone in Australia can purchase marijuana for medical use, though a license is required to grow marijuana for medical purposes. Once marijuana for medical use became legal, cultivators began growing it on Christmas Island.

Christmas Island is mainly made up of a national park, but there are some residents on part of the island. In the area that is not a national park, it is now legal to grow marijuana for medical purposes. It is necessary to have the proper license to be able to grow marijuana for medical use on Christmas Island, but more companies are choosing this island for its great weather as it allows marijuana to be grown easily.

Is it Legal to Purchase Seeds on Christmas Island?

Despite recreational marijuana still being illegal throughout Australia, it is possible to purchase marijuana seeds. Those who are licensed to grow medical marijuana can purchase seeds for that purpose and grow the plants on Christmas Island. Residents of Christmas Island who are not licensed can still purchase cannabis seeds, but they must be for souvenir purposes. Instead of purchasing them with the intent to grow marijuana plants, souvenir seeds are purchased with the intent of adding them to a collection of seeds. When marijuana does become legal for any residents to grow, the buyer will already have seeds to use in their collection.

Buying Marijuana Seeds for Souvenir Purposes

Those who cannot grow marijuana legally yet do still have the option of purchasing souvenir seeds to keep in their own collection. Despite them not being intended for cultivation, it’s still a good idea to purchase the right seeds and ensure they are stored properly. If the laws change in the future, proper storage of the seeds can help ensure they are still viable. Proper storage consists of keeping the seeds in a cool, dark place that is free from moisture. Most people will want to keep the different seeds separated and labeled so they can easily tell which seed will grow which type of marijuana plant, in case they are able to start cultivating marijuana in the future. As long as the seeds are properly stored and are high-quality seeds to begin with, they should remain viable for at least a few years.

Understand the Types of Cannabis Seeds You Can Buy

If you haven’t purchased cannabis seeds before, you may notice that all of our seeds are labeled as regular, feminized, or auto-flowering. These are the main types of seeds, and many of our strains are available in at least two different types, if not all three. It is important to understand the differences, even if you’re purchasing them for a collection right now, as the different types are grown differently once you are legally able to cultivate marijuana.

  • Regular Marijuana Seeds – Regular seeds produce both male and female plants, so they must be watched carefully during the growth stages. This way, male plants can be removed as soon as they are detected to prevent pollination.
  • Feminized Marijuana Seeds – Feminized seeds do not produce male plants, so they don’t need to be watched as carefully. However, it is still necessary to adjust the lighting on time if the plants are being grown indoors so they will flower.
  • Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds – Auto-flowering seeds are typically feminized, so there’s no need to worry about male plants. They will also automatically flower, even if the lighting isn’t adjusted, so they are typically the easiest plants for beginners to grow.

If You’re Ready to Buy, Try These Strains

A souvenir seed collection should contain a few different strains that you may be interested in growing if marijuana becomes legal to cultivate for recreational use. We have a number of highly popular options that would be perfect for any souvenir seed collection. These include Zkittlez feminized seeds, Auto Gelato feminized seeds, and Cream Caramel feminized seeds.

Those who can legally grow medical marijuana or those who want to be able to grow their own marijuana for medical purposes once they can legally do so also have a lot of options to choose from in our store. Some of the most popular medical marijuana plants include Auto Purple Kush feminized seeds, Auto Blueberry feminized seeds, and Auto Pineapple feminized seeds.

Why Should You Buy Seeds from i49?

When you’re ready to purchase marijuana seeds, whether you can grow them for medical use or you’d like to start a souvenir seed collection, it’s crucial only to purchase high-quality seeds. only stores the highest quality strains and we hand-select all seeds before shipping them to your door to ensure the quality. We also offer a number of different strains to pick from and our support team is available if you have any questions before or after your purchase.

If you’re on Christmas Island and you’d like to purchase marijuana seeds, i49 has a huge selection available for you to choose from. The suggestions above are just a few of our most popular strains for recreational or medical use, and any are great for beginning a new souvenir seed collection. Browse our website now to learn more about the seeds available or contact us for any help.