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Cannabis Purple Stems

What Do Cannabis Purple Stems Mean and How to Handle Them?

Marijuana plants typically display signs when something’s not right. A common one is cannabis with purple stems. Possible causes of the ...

Can You Revive a Dying Weed Plant?

Does it look like your weed plant is dying? You may think there’s no way to revive it and that you’ve reached the end of your marijuana ...
powdery mildew on cannabis

All About Powdery Mildew on Cannabis Plants

Powdery mildew on cannabis is a common and regular problem encountered by cannabis cultivators. This white substance interferes with the pl...
Verticillium wilt cannabis

Verticillium Wilt on Cannabis Plants

It’s common to encounter pests and diseases such as verticillium wilt on cannabis during weed cultivation. While creating an ideal grow env...
Tobacco mosaic virus

Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV)

Discovering mottled patterns on your leaves and no deficiency in sight? You may have come across a tobacco mosaic virus in your cannabis pl...
Hermaphrodite cannabis

Hermaphrodite Cannabis: How to Identify and What to Do With It

A hermi weed plant sounds cute, but it’s a severe condition that can have a massive effect on the viability of your harvest. These plants g...
Cannabis seedling problems

Common Cannabis Seedling Problems & Solutions

Marijuana plants are fragile and can develop problems during the first few weeks of their life, also known as the seedling stage. Learning ...
Airy buds

How to Avoid and Fix Airy Buds

Airy buds, also called nugs or smoking flowers, are nightmares for breeders. They disappoint growers with low yields and thin, soft buds wi...
Cannabis Nutrient Burn

Understanding Nutrient Burn

A nutrient burn in weed is among the hurdles you’re likely to encounter in your cultivation journey. Why is this a problem? Does it affe...
Cannabis light burn

Light Burn on Cannabis Plants

Cannabis light burn is a serious threat if you have a room full of plants. Light provides food to your crops, but too much of it may do mor...
cannabis seeds not germinating

Reasons Cannabis Seeds Don’t Germinate

A fear many growers have is their cannabis seeds not germinating. The good news is, it’s not an uncommon issue; if this has happened to you...
How to Foliar Feed Your Marijuana Plants

How to Foliar Feed Your Marijuana Plants

Want a quicker way to treat common problems like nutrient deficiency, limited absorption, pests and diseases? Consider foliar spraying cann...
Cannabis breeding and genetics

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