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Cannabis Consumption

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Pot Brownie Receipe

How to Make Marijuana Brownies

Edibles are just as popular among today’s cannabis consumers as smokable buds. Despite the recent proliferation of dispensary-supplied...
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Drug Tests: How to Flush Pot Out Of Your System

You may love marijuana for a lot of reasons, but when it comes to helping you pass your drug tests, then it is the last thing your wan...
Best way to smoke weed

The Best Ways to Smoke Weed

The Best Way to Smoke Weed What’s the best way to smoke weed? In this article, we will aim to answer this. There are many ways to use...
Cooking With Cannabis

Cooking With Cannabis

Cooking with marijuana took flame faster than that joint you’re holding. The first recorded case of medicinal cannabis use dates back to 28...
Cooking With Cannabis

First Time Cannabis Use

First-Time Marijuana Use  Consumers who have never smoked marijuana are often anxious about their first time. It’s hard to tell what t...

What is Decarboxylation and How do you Decarb Weed?

The decarboxylation mechanism allows you to activate any and all cannabinoids within cannabis buds by heating them. This is used sometimes f...

How to Dose Weed Edibles

The Correct Dosage for Weed Edibles As medical and recreational marijuana becomes legalized in more states, this fantastic plant has begun ...

Marijuana Symptom Overview

Marijuana Symptom Overview – How to identify Common Cannabis Problems Every grower wants to have healthy, happy plants, but sometimes, Mothe...

How Safe Is Marijuana

For most of the 20th century, Americans were told that marijuana was a dangerous drug. It was compared to harmful, addictive, and pote...

Can You Overdose on Marijuana

Can You Overdose on Marijuana?  With some still viewing marijuana as a gateway drug, there is occasionally talk of overdose. Although ...

Adverse Effects of Marijuana, Real and Imaginary

Marijuana use continues to rise in the USA, as more states are now legalizing the use of this substance for recreational and/or medicinal u...

Marijuana in the Body

Marijuana in the Body People have been consuming marijuana for medical, religious, and recreational purposes for millennia. Today, some peo...
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