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Hermaphrodite cannabis

Hermaphrodite Cannabis: How to Identify and What to Do With It

A hermi weed plant sounds cute, but it’s a severe condition that can have a massive effect on the viability of your harvest. These plants g...
sea of green

Sea of Green (SOG): an Amazing Way to Boost Cannabis Yields

There’s no denying that the sea of green technique is one of the most popular methods for growing your weed plants. It saves on energy costs...
How much weed does a plant produce

How Much Does a Weed Plant Produce?

Cannabis growers typically find themselves boasting about their latest colossal harvest, and for experienced growers, this may be true. For...
Hydroponic Weed

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Marijuana Using Hydroponics

Cannabis growing has come a long way since then as people have experimented and perfected the best ways to produce marijuana. A modern way i...

SCROG in 5 Easy Steps

Cannabis growers are constantly looking for new ways to increase the quality and amount of their yields. Growing with a screen of green is g...
pruning cannabis

Increasing Yields and Improving Plant Health: Top Tips for Pruning Cannabis

Pruning cannabis plants is an age-old practice that most people associate with orchard trees and perennial plants. The thing is, pruning is...
The Top 8 Cannabis Plant Training Techniques

The Top 8 Cannabis Plant Training Techniques

Whether you’re growing cannabis outdoors or indoors, in a small garden or a large grow room, the process of plant training is one that ...
The Top 8 Cannabis Plant Training Techniques

Pruning and Cultivating Weed Plants

Pruning and Cultivating Weed Plants Marijuana growers are always looking for new ways to improve the health of their plants and increase the...
The Top 8 Cannabis Plant Training Techniques

10 Steps To Start Your First Hydroponic Garden

10 Steps for Starting Your First Hydroponic Garden  We’ve discussed the complexities of soil grows—preparing the soil, watering the plants, ...
Aquaponic cannabis

Aquaponic cannabis: find out if this is the best option for you and clear all your doubts

Aquaponic cannabis is one of the most efficiently produced marijuana out there. Although challenging, growing weed with aquaponics is a rew...
Aquaponic cannabis

Weekly Hydroponic Feeding Chart

Creating a Schedule for Hydroponic Marijuana Growing “Hydroponic cannabis” is marijuana grown using a nutrient-rich water solution and an in...
Aquaponic cannabis

Best High-Yield Weed Strains for 2020

Nine of the Best High-Yield Cannabis Strains and How to Grow Even Larger Crops Cannabis strains are frequently bred to produce particular ty...
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