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Sexing & Making Seeds

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Hermaphrodite cannabis

Hermaphrodite Cannabis: How to Identify and What to Do With It

A hermi weed plant sounds cute, but it’s a severe condition that can have a massive effect on the viability of your harvest. These plants g...
Hermaphrodite cannabis

Identifying the Sex of Cannabis Plants

Identifying the Sex of Your Cannabis Plants Demand for marijuana is growing daily across North America. Medical patients and recreational us...
Female Marijuana Seed

How to Identify a Female Marijuana Seed

How to Identify a Quality Marijuana Seed Ask any experienced grower how to produce a hardy marijuana plant and they will say to start with a...
Female Marijuana Seed

How to Create Your Own Marijuana Clone Box

Cloning can be an excellent way to obtain new marijuana plants. Since they don’t start from seeds, they reach the harvest point much faster...
Female Marijuana Seed

Cannabis Plant’s Gender

Things You Must Know About Gender in Cannabis Plants Plant reproduction is an interesting and surprisingly complex field. Some plants are di...
Cannabis breeding and genetics

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