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Cannabis Nutrient Burn

Understanding Nutrient Burn

A nutrient burn in weed is among the hurdles you’re likely to encounter in your cultivation journey. Why is this a problem? Does it affe...
Cannabis light burn

Light Burn on Cannabis Plants

Cannabis light burn is a serious threat if you have a room full of plants. Light provides food to your crops, but too much of it may do mor...
cannabis seeds not germinating

Reasons Cannabis Seeds Don’t Germinate

A fear many growers have is their cannabis seeds not germinating. The good news is, it’s not an uncommon issue; if this has happened to you...
cannabis heat stress

Marijuana Heat Stress: Causes, Solution, Prevention

Marijuana plants thrive in warm growing conditions, but is too much bad for your crops? Heat stress weed is something you don’t want ...
Sulfur deficiency in cannabis

Sulfur Deficiency in Cannabis Plants: Symptoms, Reasons, Cure

The last thing cultivators like to see on their cannabis plants is yellow leaves. Apart from robbing your growing space of a sea-of-green l...
Molybdenum Deficiency

Molybdenum Deficiency in Weed Plants

Most growers start cultivating marijuana as a labor of love. The experience is rewarding but comes with its fair share of challenges. One o...
Nitrogen deficiency cannabis

Nitrogen Deficiency in Cannabis

Buying cannabis seeds is the first step in your exciting cultivation journey. Along the way, you may run into obstacles, but armed with the...
Phosphorus deficiency in cannabis

Phosphorus Deficiency in Cannabis

The leaves on your crops are changing color, and you’re trying to figure out why. It can’t be a lack of feeding since you’...
Zinc Deficiency

Zinc Deficiency in Cannabis Plants

Is your crop suddenly slow to sprout leaves, and new growth appears pale and deformed? You might be looking at a zinc deficiency in cannabi...
Copper Deficiency in Cannabis

Copper Deficiency in Cannabis Plants

Copper (Cu) is one of the essential micronutrients in marijuana plants. Inadequate levels of this element can lead to a copper deficiency i...
Silicon deficiency in cannabis

Silicon Deficiency in Cannabis

Are you a marijuana grower looking to get the most out of your plants? Do you constantly wonder how to seal restrictive loopholes in your h...
Pests and bugs on weed plants

Pests and Bugs on Weed Plants: Identify, Treat, Prevent!

Although cultivating homegrown buds is typically cheaper than buying them at a dispensary, it comes with the risk of pests. Bugs on weed ca...
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