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Animal and Insect Pests

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Pests and bugs on weed plants

Pests and Bugs on Weed Plants: Identify, Treat, Prevent!

Although cultivating homegrown buds is typically cheaper than buying them at a dispensary, it comes with the risk of pests. Bugs on weed ca...
Pest Guide: Leaf Miners

Leaf Miners on Cannabis: How to Identify, Prevent, and Get Rid of Them

Leaf miners on cannabis plants are attracted to the herb in much the same way as humans are. The only difference is that instead of waiting...
mealybugs on your weed plants

Mealybugs on Cannabis: How to Identify and Cure

Any green-fingered person will know that dealing with an infestation is standard. What happens when your crop is a source of income, and yo...
Pest Guide: Thrips

Thrips on Cannabis Plants: Identification and Cure

Pests are among the most frequent and frustrating issues marijuana growers deal with. Invasive insects like thrips on cannabis are the bane...
aphids on cannabis

Cannabis Aphids: Spot, Kill, Prevent!

If you’re growing marijuana, you may face challenges from time to time. The rewards you reap by overcoming these hurdles always outweigh th...
caterpillars during flowering

Cannabis Caterpillars and How to Get Rid of Them on Weed Plants

Spotting caterpillars during flowering is like seeing Jason Voorhees appear at the lake while you’re swimming. They’re somewhat squishy and...
Fungus Gnats

Fungus Gnats on Cannabis: How to Identify and Keep Them off Weed

As every marijuana grower knows, pest infestations are challenging and, in some cases, potentially deadly. The propagation of fungus gnats ...
Ants on weed

Ants on Weed & How to Get Rid of Them

A common issue cannabis growers might encounter is garden pests. Not all are harmful, but there’s one in particular you may have concerns a...
whiteflies with their eggs

Whiteflies on Cannabis Plants: Identification and Cure

When cultivating cannabis, you constantly need to protect your crop from diseases and pests. A common issue among growers is finding whitef...
spider mites on weed

Spider Mites on Cannabis: Identification and Cure

Do you see webs on the buds of your flowering plants? Is there microscopic movement across the foliage? You might be dealing with spider mi...
spider mites on weed

Pest Guide – Snails

Are Snails a Problem Worth Fighting? Snails are the only mollusks that live in water and on land. On land, they crawl slowly, leaving a trai...
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Pest Guide – Crickets and Grasshoppers

Pest Guide: Crickets and Grasshoppers No one wants to spend time, money, and energy growing high-quality cannabis plants just to see them ge...
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