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Nutrient Problems

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Iron deficiency cannabis

Dealing with Iron Deficiency in Cannabis Plants

Iron deficiency in cannabis is pretty common, with iron being an essential micronutrient, it’s easy to feed your plants less than they...
potassium deficiency weed

Solving the problem of potassium deficiency on weed plants

  Potassium deficiency in weed can manifest in a number of ways, in this article, we will run down all the potential causes, symptoms a...
Magnesium deficiency weed

Dealing with magnesium deficiency in weed plants

A magnesium deficiency in a weed plant can quickly turn lethal. Cannabis, like all living things, needs nutrients like nitrogen, potassium,...
Nitrogen deficiency cannabis

How to Stop Nitrogen Deficiency in Cannabis Plants

Nitrogen deficiency in cannabis can be a problem as you must feed your marijuana nitrogen. If you didn’t know, nitrogen is one of thre...
Fixing Common Cannabis Deficiencies

How to identify and fix cannabis deficiencies

Is your marijuana plant dying, and you’re not sure why? You could have one of the many cannabis deficiencies.  Weed plants ne...
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Common Nutrient Mistakes

Nutrient Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Cannabis Growing cannabis at home can save a regular smoker a lot of money. Cultivating the plants c...
Fixing Common Cannabis Deficiencies

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc Deficiency in Cannabis Plants Most cannabis growers know the three major nutrients that plants need to thrive, which are nitrogen, phos...
Fixing Common Cannabis Deficiencies

Silicon Deficiency

Silicon Deficiency in Marijuana Crops Silicon (Si) is abundant in natural soil and most commercial fertilizers. As a result, it’s extremely ...
Fixing Common Cannabis Deficiencies

Sulfur Deficiency

Understanding, Catching, and Fixing a Sulfur Deficiency in Your Cannabis Crop Cannabis growers across the globe may face several hurdles whi...
Fixing Common Cannabis Deficiencies

Understanding Nutrient Burn

Nutrient Burn Even novice growers usually understand that marijuana plants need plenty of nutrients to grow and thrive. What some fail to re...
Fixing Common Cannabis Deficiencies

21 Tips for Nutrient Deficiencies

21 Natural Tips to Help Solve Nutrient Deficiencies in Marijuana Plants Nutrient deficiencies often appear as drooping leaves, discoloration...
Fixing Common Cannabis Deficiencies

Boron Deficiency

Diagnosing and Treating a Boron Deficiency in a Cannabis Crop Boron is a crucial nutrient that boosts calcium metabolism in cannabis plants....
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