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Fungi & Other Diseases

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Moldy weed

How to Stop Moldy Weed

Moldy weed can occur as a result of a number of different reasons, no matter the reason, mold on weed is never good. In this article, we wi...
Moldy weed

Root Rot in Cannabis Plants – How to Solve and Prevent the Problem

Root rot on cannabis can cause some serious issues, in this article we will look at diagnosing the problem and then solving it. If you’ve be...
Moldy weed

Powdery Mildew – Part 2

What Is the Powdery Mildew on My Marijuana Plants? If you have ever attempted to grow marijuana and found a white or gray powdery substance ...
Moldy weed

Disease Guide – Verticillium Wilt

Verticillium Wilt and Cannabis Plants When marijuana plants are put in the ground, the grower’s intention is for them to take root and thr...
Moldy weed

Fusarium and Marijuana Plants

Important Information About Fusarium and Marijuana Plants Marijuana plants are susceptible to an array of diseases. One of these, which tar...
Moldy weed

Mushrooms in Cannabis Garden

Mushrooms in a Cannabis Garden Mushrooms pop up in a yard or garden, and growers often start to panic. They wonder how and why the fungi ar...
Moldy weed

Disease Guide – Leaf Septoria

Yellow Leaf Spot and Cannabis Plants Marijuana growers must be aware of diseases that can affect their plants and possibly decimate their c...
Moldy weed

Diseases on Cannabis Plants

Diseases on Marijuana Plants In the course of growing marijuana plants, one of the most stressful issues to face is diseases. Unfortunately...
Moldy weed

Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Tobacco Mosaic Virus Growing a perfect cannabis plant takes a lot of work. There are lighting schedules to perfect, nutrient levels to main...
Moldy weed

Powdery Mildew

Powdery Mildew While many hearty marijuana strains are resistant to diseases, most are still affected by fungal infections. One of the most...
Moldy weed

How to Prevent and Stop Damping Off in Marijuana Plants

How to Prevent and Treat Damping Off in Marijuana Plants Fungi are everywhere in the environment and are always looking for homes where the...
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