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Soil: Watering & Nutrients

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How to Foliar Feed Your Marijuana Plants

How to Foliar Feed Your Marijuana Plants

Want a quicker way to treat common problems like nutrient deficiency, limited absorption, pests and diseases? Consider foliar spraying cann...
homemade compost

Make your own Cannabis Compost

Growing marijuana seeds in compost soil produce high-quality plants. But do you know how to make compost for your cannabis plants? Whether ...
Coco Coir vs. Soil

Coco Coir vs. Soil: Which is Better for Cannabis Growing?

Are you unsure of which grow medium to use for cultivating cannabis? Perhaps you’re torn between coco coir vs. soil for your latest crop?&n...
Nutrients for coco coir

Nutrients for coco coir

When growing weed without soil, it’s solely your responsibility to meet the crops’ nutritional requirements. It’s essential to pick the pro...
Best Water for Cannabis

Best Water for Cannabis: Ideal Temp, Ph, EC, and PPM levels

There are many variables in growing cannabis, but what’s the best water for weed plants? Improved testing has shown that temperature, pH, E...
Coco for cannabis

Coco Coir for Cannabis: Visual Step-by-Step Guide

Are you struggling to select an effective medium for your next gardening project? Try a coco grow. It provides the experience of traditiona...
Cannabis molasses

Molasses for cannabis

Most gardeners know about feeding their plants nutrients, whether organic or synthetic. Some cultivators prefer organic nutes, while others ...

What Are the Best Levels of Humidity for Growing Weed? 

Do you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of growing cannabis? It’s a common belief that growing high-value weed is a demanding ...
How to Water a Marijuana Plant

How to Water a Marijuana Plant

How to Water a Marijuana Plant Watering Tips for Happy, Healthy Cannabis Plants It’s a simple fact: Marijuana plants need water to survive...
How to Water a Marijuana Plant

Best Marijuana Fertilizers

Best and Most Popular Marijuana Fertilizers Selecting the right fertilizer for marijuana plants is challenging. For many high yield seed or...
Watering Outdoor Marijuana Plants

Watering weed: understanding how often to water cannabis plants

Watering weed sounds easy, right? Well, that’s not quite the case. We believe it shouldn’t give you trouble, so we’ve ...
Figuring out the ideal pH for cannabis plants

Figuring out the ideal pH for cannabis plants

Growing marijuana is an art with a whole lot of science thrown into the mix. Besides the right amount of light, water, and nutrients, the i...
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