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Cannabis molasses

Growing cannabis in molasses

Most gardeners know about feeding their plants nutrients, whether organic or synthetic. Some cultivators prefer organic nutes, while others ...
Cannabis nutrients

Understand how to use cannabis nutrients and when to feed your plants

Cannabis nutrients can confuse a rookie grower! Stop us if you’ve encountered this situation before.  You’re preparing your firs...
Cannabis nutrients

Customizing your feed schedule

How customizing your feeding schedule can lead to maximum yields Feeding schedules outline what nutrients plants need and when. They’re typi...
Cannabis nutrients

Make your own Cannabis Compost

The Best Compost and Fertilizers for Outdoor Marijuana Plants Growing happy and healthy marijuana plants is a goal many people have. After a...
Cannabis nutrients

Best Marijuana Fertilizers

Best and Most Popular Marijuana Fertilizers Selecting the right fertilizer for marijuana plants is challenging. For many high yield seed or ...
Cannabis nutrients

Biochar Benefits for Cannabis

Exploring the Benefits and Best Uses of Biochar These days, a growing number of people are cultivating their own marijuana at home, many of ...
Cannabis nutrients

Using Honey in your Cannabis Grow

Honey and Its Role in Cannabis Cultivation People have loved honey for thousands of years. This yellow, sweet, and thick liquid adds a natur...
Cannabis nutrients

Understanding soil alternatives – Coco Coir

Soil Alternatives – Coconut Coir Those who have never grown marijuana before often assume that the best way to grow plants is to just toss t...
Cannabis nutrients

Testing Soil pH

Testing Soil pH Levels Growing a garden is simple. The basic components are abundant outdoors: sun, soil, water, and carbon dioxide. Marijua...
Cannabis nutrients

Fertilizing Cannabis Plants in a Hydroponic System

Fertilizing Cannabis Plants in a Hydroponic System The United States continues to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal and recreation...
Cannabis nutrients

How to Make a Marijuana Nutrient Solution

How To Make A Marijuana Nutrient Solution Growing marijuana takes a lot of work, but is worth the effort. The result is sweet, smokable buds...
Cannabis nutrients

How to Grow Large Buds with the Right Nutrients

How to Grow Much Larger Buds with the Right Nutrients The goal of every marijuana grower is to enjoy big, beautiful buds at the end of harve...
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