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Outdoor Growing

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Growing cannabis outdoors

Growing Cannabis Outdoors – A Beginner’s Guide

Cultivating your own marijuana plants can be rewarding as a hobby and for the use of the end product itself. Even though many prefer to grow...
Weed Seasons

Weed seasons: when is the best time to grow weed?

Are you itching to adventure outdoors to grow your weed in the natural world but are unsure of when to plant your marijuana crops?  Her...
A marijuana plant ready to harvest.

Top 5 Outdoor Strains this Year

Cannabis has been around for millennia. Based on historical accounts, ancient healers first began to discover its many benefits more than 4,...
best strains for hot dry climate

Top 4 best cannabis strains for hot, dry climates

Make the process of growing your cannabis super-easy by choosing the correct cultivar and learning about the best strains for a hot, dry cl...
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Best Time to Grow Cannabis

The Best Season for Growing Cannabis Unlike many flowering plants in one’s garden, cannabis is an annual plant. Growers see flowers from lat...
best strains for hot dry climate

Minimize outdoor cannabis pests

Pest and Bug Control for Outdoor Cannabis Plants Gardeners have been dealing with pest control for hundreds of years, and medical marijuana ...
growing weed outdoors step by step

Best outdoor feminized seeds

When spring arrives, we can’t wait to get out of the house and start enjoying the sun. Times like these call for outdoor feminized seeds.  T...
Best outdoor strains

15 best outdoor strains to grow

As the trees start to bud, the birds start to chirp, and the days get warmer; it’s springtime in the United States, which means it’s time t...
How to grow a weed plant in winter and cold weather

How to grow a weed plant in winter and cold weather

The leaves are changing, and it’s officially sweater weather. As the climate changed, you might be wondering how to grow a weed plant...
Watering Outdoor Marijuana Plants

Watering weed: understanding how often to water cannabis plants

Watering weed sounds easy, right? Well, that’s not quite the case. We believe it shouldn’t give you trouble, so we’ve ...
Stressed Weed Plants

Stressed weed plants: types, causes, and how to prevent

All living things experience stress. Some forms of pressure positively facilitate development, while others are a hindrance. Cannabis is no...
Stressed Weed Plants

Southern U.S. Grow Calendar

Grow Calendar: Southern Parts of the U.S. Planting marijuana outdoors allows growers to take advantage of all that nature has to offer. They...
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