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Discover the Best Places to Grow Marijuana Outdoors

Discover how to choose the best place to grow weed outdoors

Now that more states are legalizing marijuana for personal use, cannabis enthusiasts are discovering the best place to grow weed. 

Growing outdoors has many benefits. We’ll help you scope out the perfect spot for growing cannabis outdoors.

What to consider when choosing the best place to grow weed outdoors 

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state that legalized cultivating weed, knowing where to grow marijuana is the next step. 

Here are some things to consider:

Security is essential

Growing outdoors is risky. Even if you’re growing legally, there may still be regulations in place. 

You should protect your plants against natural threats like harsh climates and pests. Some other potential threats include thieves stealing your plants or wayward kids wandering into and wrecking your garden.

Walk around your property and find the best place to grow marijuana—one that isn’t visible from the street, a neighbor’s yard, or someone’s window.

As important as security is, there’s more to consider when choosing the best place to grow weed outdoors.

Sun exposure

Growing cannabis outdoors means an abundance of natural light! The sun can save you from tiresome work and higher electric bills. 

How much sunlight does a weed plant need? Different strains have different sunlight requirements, so be sure to understand this when buying seeds.

The best place to grow cannabis is in a spot that receives more than six hours of sunlight per day.

Nutrient-rich soil

Marijuana nutrients are vital factors in your plant’s growth. When finding the best place to grow weed, an area with bright green plants means nutrient-rich soil.

The right nutrient content in your plants produces the biggest buds. If necessary, buy weed fertilizers and nute supplements. You should buy seeds that’ll thrive in your climate and environment.

Water for your cannabis plant 

It’s important to know how to water weed. Too much or too little could damage your plants.

Moisture in the top 1.2 to 2 inches of soil means your plants have adequate water. If you see dry, wilting, or sagging leaves, add extra water. 

Find good places to grow weed close to a water source, like a creek, river, or pond.

Air circulation

The best place to grow weed is an area with sufficient wind and air circulation for healthy growth.

If you live in an area with strong winds, invest in fencing and protection as too much wind exposure can damage the plants.

Ease of access is helpful

The best place to grow marijuana is a spot out of sight that’s also accessible.

With easy access to your plants, you can watch their progress and notice any nute deficiencies, lack of water, or bug infestation.

Complete darkness is needed

The best place to grow weed at night is an area with no light sources. This allows your plant to flourish, preventing it from getting confused by other light sources.

How to camouflage your weed plants

It’d be a disaster if someone discovered your plants. There are steps you can take to ensure your spot is the best place to grow weed.

  • Well-hidden cannabis plants have the best chance of remaining undiscovered. Surround them with other plants, so they blend in—but ensure that they don’t steal or block the sunlight or wind from your crop.
  • When you’re looking for places to grow cannabis, place them beneath a tree or beside bushes, as long as there is adequate sunlight. 
  • Once your cannabis plants have begun flowering, you can bend and prune them, so they look like normal plants. Horizontally bending the branches exposes them to more sunlight.
  • You can attach silk or fake flowers to your cannabis plants. It’ll look natural and easy on the eye. 
  • Deciding where to grow marijuana means looking for more than one point of access. You’ll be checking on your plants regularly, so changing your routes and not carrying lots of equipment looks less suspicious.

best place to grow weed

What about the smell?

Outdoors may be the best place to grow weed, but once your plants start to flower, people may catch a whiff of them. You can take precautions to disguise that powerful aroma:

  • Buy seeds that produce low-odor strains, such as Northern Lights, Durban Poison, Blue Mystic, or a tropical-smelling strain like Papaya.
  • The best place to grow marijuana is surrounded by other plants that smell nice, such as Lavender, Basil, or other herbs. You’ll want plants that are bright and fragrant, which act as camouflage and mask the weed smell.
  • Buy odor neutralizers to place around your plants to mask the smell. Keep them far enough from your plants so they aren’t negatively affected.

It’s good to take precautions when choosing where to grow marijuana. Take factors like wind direction and proximity to other people into account. Find a spot with the least exposure to outsiders but more sunlight.

Grow site examples

The ideal places to grow weed are in your home, where you can take care of them and provide the supervision they need. Here are a few spots to consider:


Your balcony provides easy access and plenty of space to grow your plants. As long as they aren’t visible to others, it’s one of the best starting places to grow weed.

Buy window film to keep them hidden but still exposed to sunlight.

Roof terrace

A roof terrace gives your plant the best position for sunlight and adequate airflow.

If you’re in an area with strong winds, get windshields to protect them.


If you love nature, the forest is the best place to grow marijuana. It’ll be an exciting adventure to plant your weed when you go for a hike.

Find a location with enough sunlight near a water source, away from any main trails or footpaths. Make sure the soil is non-acidic, and take nutrient-rich soil just in case.

 best place to grow weed

Open field

When scoping places to grow weed, an open field could present an ideal opportunity. It’s an easy access spot with plenty of sunlight and surrounding plants for camouflage.


Hanging out in your backyard has never been more fun! It’s the best place to grow weed, providing easy access, and you can grow other plants around it. 

FAQ related to best place to grow weed outdoors

Is it legal to grow marijuana outdoors in the USA?

It’s legal to start growing cannabis outdoors in the following states: 

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, and Washington.

What’s the best way to hide your outdoor marijuana plants?

If you’re looking for where to grow weed outdoors, plant your seeds beneath trees, beside bushes, or other similarly colored plants of the same size. Cut and prune them to make sure they blend in well.

Can I grow marijuana on my roof?

Yes, the roof is one of the best places to grow weed as there’s plenty of sunlight, as long as your roof isn’t exposed to prying eyes or lots of wind.

What climate does weed grow best in?

The best place to grow marijuana is in areas with hot, sunny days followed by warm nights. 

Knowing the strains you’re growing helps you determine if your area’s climate is suitable.

Grow weed like a boss

You’ve found the best place to grow weed. Now you’re ready to watch your babies grow.

Once you’ve started growing, you’ll learn more, and you can apply your own experience in all future grows. 

Have fun and experiment with growing outdoor weed! Grow other plants and create a unique garden. Find which strains you enjoy growing and buy seeds that suit your personal and environmental preferences.

Take precautions and make good decisions when searching for the best place to grow weed outdoors. Soon you’ll be growing weed like a boss.

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