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Lighting Requirements

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Cannabis light burn

Light Burn on Cannabis Plants

Cannabis light burn is a serious threat if you have a room full of plants. Light provides food to your crops, but too much of it may do mor...
Cannabis Grow Lights - The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide for Cannabis Grow Lights

Intro to cannabis grow lights Growing cannabis indoors provides the opportunity to control every part of the plant’s growth and to get...
Purple Grow Lights

Purple grow lights: Why do most LED lights appear purple?

Why do cannabis gardeners use purple LED grow lights when they cultivate marijuana indoors? Is there an advantage of using violet instea...
Infrared grow light

Can an Infrared Grow Light Impact Your Weed?

Since Infrared wavelengths are invisible, some growers question the effects of an infrared grow light on plant growth and health. Does an i...
Infrared grow light

Optimal Lights for Cannabis

Lighting for Cannabis Plants Growing cannabis indoors presents some unique challenges. Like any plant, cannabis plants grow best under natur...
How Much Light Does A Weed Plant Need

How much light does a weed plant need?

How much light does a weed plant need? A difficult question for many new growers. Light is one of the vital elements of all life forms, inc...
Light Cycle for Weed

Understanding the light cycle for weed plants

Unless you’re a beginner, you should be familiar with the light cycle for weed. It’s an essential part of cultivating cannabis. Few people ...
Cannabis breeding and genetics

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