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marijuana grow tent

Know why you should use marijuana grow tent

Don’t be deterred from growing weed at home once you learn how much space and equipment you’ll need for a prosperous crop. A marijuana grow ...
Space Bucket

Growing weed in a space bucket: the complete guide

Indoor growing has extensive advantages, but it also brings increased costs. If you’re lacking the extra space for a grow room and want to ...
Indoor Grow Room

Discover how to set up an indoor grow room for cannabis

Are you interested in building an indoor grow room? You’re in the right place.  Setting up a grow room takes some effort and invest...
Cheap indoor grow setup

Building a Cheap Indoor Grow Setup

Setting up an indoor marijuana plantation sounds challenging and expensive, but it’s not as bad as you think. There are various optio...
How to increase yield

Discover how to increase yield and get the most out of your cannabis plants

Yield and quality are the two most important qualities growers look for in their weed. If you’re wondering how to increase yield, look no fu...
Growing Marijuana in Small Places

Growing Marijuana in Small Spaces

Growing Marijuana in Small Spaces When growing marijuana, the goal is to maximize every inch of space. Some growers are fortunate to have ac...
CO2 for marijuana

Adding CO2 to your grow room

CO2 for marijuana is an advanced cultivation strategy to take harvests to the next level. It’s far from necessary, but if you find yourself...