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CO2 for marijuana

Adding CO2 to your grow room

CO2 for marijuana is an advanced cultivation strategy to take harvests to the next level. It’s far from necessary, but if you find yourself in the following situation, it just might be what you’re looking for:

You’ve researched the basics of growing marijuana indoors. You’ve mastered all standard gardening practices, started training your cannabis, and optimized every process within your setup. You’re ready to take things one step further.

Today, we’re running the ins and outs of adding CO2 to your grow room. Read on to decide whether it’s worth the trouble and, if yes, how to go about it.

What is it & why use CO2 for your grow room?

Before we explain why CO2 for marijuana is a good idea, let’s do a brief rundown of the science behind it. 

CO2 for marijuana

CO2 stands for carbon dioxide, an odorless gas that naturally occurs in the atmosphere. It’s the equivalent to oxygen for weed plants. Without it, they can’t breathe, and they eventually suffocate.

Most grow rooms already have plenty of this compound, especially if there’s ample fresh air and good ventilation. Still, many indoor weed farmers choose to supplement with extra CO2 for cannabis. Why?

Here’s the kicker. The atmospheric CO2 levels are about 350 ppm (parts per million). Plants can consume up to 1500 ppm. As a result, CO2 enrichment can boost their uptake, photosynthesis, and growth.

Benefits of adding CO2 to your grow room

Once you learn why and how to add CO2 to your grow room, it’s time to start reaping the benefits of this system. The perks are the most prominent in vegging and flowering.

CO2 during the vegetative stage

CO2 for marijuana in vegging increases the growth rate of your crops. Carbon dioxide intake boosts photosynthesis, helping your herbs to stretch tall, strong, and lush.

CO2 during the flowering stage

Setting up a CO2 for grow room system kickstarts bud production in early flowering. As the blossoming continues, extra nutrition enhances cola size and density.

When to use CO2 in your cannabis grow room?

Adding CO2 to your grow tent is profitable, and many growers never look back. The first step is the trickiest—deciding to get supplementation started. 

Here are some reasons to consider CO2 for marijuana:

  • You need to keep things moving. Enrichment makes plants grow faster without compromising yield size.
  • You’re preparing a big operation. Small spaces can’t accommodate many weed crops with 16+ week flowering time. Speed things up to boost production.
  • Everything else is already optimized. Never supplement with CO2 for cannabis if you haven’t already learned how to increase yield through other cultivation aspects. 
CO2 for marijuana

Not all growers need or want added CO2

While there are definitive advantages to CO2 for weed, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. 

For one, outdoor weed farmers get no benefits from supplementation. Also, faster development isn’t a priority if you’ve got enough time on your hands.

CO2 for grow rooms costs money. Focus your budget on other areas of your setup first. You can enjoy the results of equal quality without enrichment. 

Remember, this isn’t a must. It’s simply an extra level to get larger, more productive crops in as little time as possible.

How to add CO2 to your marijuana grow room?

Since carbon dioxide occurs in nature, CO2 for weed is pretty easy to come by and introduce to your setup. Here are the main available options.

Chemical reactions

As a naturally occurring gas, CO2 emerges from a reaction between some reactive substances. Many items that you have at home, such as baking soda and vinegar, or sugar and yeast mixed with water, can produce CO2 for marijuana. 

Compressed air 

Containers of CO2 for cannabis are available at stores dealing with anything from hydroponics to paintball. Choose a gas tank depending on your marijuana grow tent size—a small canister for a small tent, a big and heavy one for a large-scale operation.

CO2 generators

Generators of CO2 for marijuana are the way to go in large growing operations. These automate delivery, sending the gas down through pipes for an uninterrupted supply. 

CO2 grow room regulator

A CO2 tank and regulator for growing is another automated tool. It boosts safety and allows manual dispersion if the need arises. 

CO2 burners 

Burners are CO2 injection systems for your grow room based on propane or natural gas. They’re optimized for reduced heat production.

CO2 for marijuana

Adding CO2 to your grow room: Timing and effects

Once you figure out which cannabis CO2 system matches your needs best, determine the ideal timing for the effects you wish to achieve.

When to use CO2 in your grow room? As a rule of thumb, additional CO2 makes the most difference between the second and fifth week of flowering

In terms of effects, CO2 for marijuana boosts plant growth rate. It accelerates photosynthesis, causing the plant to grow more leaves, which only betters this nourishment system in the future. 

Your marijuana plants also tolerate higher temperatures with extra CO2. Transpiration becomes more productive, making your entire setup more water-efficient. 

CO2 for grow rooms: FAQ 

CO2 for indoor growing raises many questions in the cannabis community, especially among rookies. Let’s answer the most frequent inquiries.

Is CO2 in my grow room dangerous?

A CO2 grow tent doesn’t pose a danger to humans if you keep things in check throughout the room. 

A sealed space can trap carbon dioxide, though. Levels over 2200 ppm are where it gets dangerous. If you notice yourself getting dizzy while tending to your indoor garden, check the meter. 

Do I need CO2 in my grow room?

No, you don’t have to practice CO2 enrichment in your cultivation setup. 

Always make sure that your money, time, and effort go toward the aspects that make or break a yield—soil, nutrients, and quality cannabis seeds. If there’s enough left, consider CO2 for cannabis.

What should CO2 levels be in a grow room?

You’ll find between 300 and 400 ppm of CO2 in the air. When it comes to CO2 for marijuana, it thrives on higher quantities.

Ideal CO2 levels for cannabis range between 1200 and 1500 ppm, while more than that becomes a waste of gas and money. 

Can you have too much CO2 in your grow room? 

Yes. That’s another area of concern while learning how to use CO2 in your grow room. 

Regulators and meters are your allies. Going overboard wastes money, and that’s the best-case scenario, the worse being toxicity. Keep the levels at 1500 ppm tops for optimal results. 

Key takeaways

CO2 and cannabis have a beneficial relationship. This enrichment practice is the go-to yield booster for a good reason. We see no reason not to give it a shot.

Stay tuned to our blog for more handy guides such as this CO2 for marijuana explainer. We support beginner and veteran cannabis gardeners, suggesting practices and explaining processes to help them make the most of every weed seed. Start growing your own weed today!

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