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Germination & Seedling Stage

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Stop seedlings stretching and falling over

How to Stop your Marijuana Seedlings from Stretching and Falling Over

Marijuana seedlings stretching and falling over can be a common occurrence in the early stages of the cannabis grow cycle. With that being s...
The Seedling Stage

Mastering the Marijuana Seedling Stage

Vegetative and flowering seasons are the spotlight of cannabis cultivation. Healthy weed sprouts develop into lush gardens, and a lack of T...
How to Store Cannabis Seeds Properly

How to Store Cannabis Seeds Properly

If you don’t germinate all of the weed seeds you bought, you need to know how to store cannabis seeds to use later. Marijuana seed...
Learn how to germinate marijuana seeds

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Every plant starts with a seed, including marijuana. A person might see a seed on the ground and assume it is a pebble. However, this tiny i...
Learn how to germinate marijuana seeds

Reasons Cannabis Seeds don’t Sprout

Top Reasons Your Seeds Aren’t Sprouting – And What You Can Do About It Seeds are designed to sprout, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Some s...
Cannabis seedling problems

How to fix cannabis seedling problems right now

Cannabis seedling problems are a frightening prospect. Your weed baby is still at its smallest and most vulnerable. It might not make it to...
Transplanting Cannabis

Transplanting Cannabis Plants: When and How to Do It

Transplanting cannabis plants is the act of moving them into bigger pots as they increase in size. Throughout the growing cycle, marijuana ...
Cannabis breeding and genetics