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Vegetative & Flowering Stage

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Flowering Stage

Everything you Need to Know About Flowering Cannabis

How you handle your cannabis plants during the flowering stage has a significant impact on your yields. A clear understanding of what happe...
The Vegetative Stage in Marijuana

Everything You Need to Know About the Vegetative Stage

Before your cannabis starts producing its aromatic buds, it goes through various maturity levels. The first and probably most important is ...
The Vegetative Stage in Marijuana

When Plants Don’t Flower

What to Do When Your Plants Won’t Flower Like all plants, marijuana plants use light to fuel growth. During the seedling and vegetative stag...
The Vegetative Stage in Marijuana

Cannabis Reproduction Cycle

Understanding Plant Gender and Reproduction An accurate understanding of cannabis plant gender is essential for all growers, not just those ...
Speed up flowering of outdoor cannabis plants

How to Speed Up Flowering of Outdoor Cannabis Plants

A good deal of cannabis horticulturists grow their plants outdoors, as it is the easiest and most natural growing method. However, some clim...