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Time to Harvest

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Drying and curing cannabis

The ultimate guide to curing and drying cannabis

Before you can smoke your homegrown weed, you need to complete the final steps of the harvesting process: curing and drying cannabis. The f...
Harvest Cannabis Plant

How and When to Harvest Cannabis Plants

Anyone who has cultivated weed, especially from seed, knows that when to harvest cannabis is not to be taken lightly.  The time, energy, and...
Harvest Cannabis Plant

Bud Trimming Tips

Trim Your Cannabis for Beautiful Buds There are multiple steps needed in caring for cannabis. If you want bountiful buds, trimming is a nece...
How to store weed and keep it fresh

How to store weed and keep it fresh

Did you just visit the dispensary and have a ton of fresh marijuana? Do you want to know how to store weed to keep it potent for a long tim...