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purple stems on cannabis plants

How to handle Purple Stems

Purple Stems on Cannabis Plants: What Causes Them and How Best to Respond Marijuana growers are sometimes surprised to see the stems of ...
Drying and curing cannabis

The ultimate guide to curing and drying cannabis

Before you can smoke your homegrown weed, you need to complete the final steps of the harvesting process: curing and drying cannabis. The f...
Growing cannabis outdoors

Growing Cannabis Outdoors – A Beginner’s Guide

Cultivating your own marijuana plants can be rewarding as a hobby and for the use of the end product itself. Even though many prefer to grow...
How many weed seeds per pot

How many weed seeds per pot should you plant?

Cannabis growing is easy but takes time to master. To better your chances of success, you need to get the basics of weed growing right from...
How many weed seeds per pot

Discover the 7 easiest strains to grow for beginners

You never forget your first. It rings true when growing weed too. Choosing one of the easiest strains to grow ensures memories of smooth sa...
best indoor strain

Top 10 best indoor strains to grow

You’ve finally decided to grow some weed on your own—and you have your heart set on growing marijuana indoors. So what is the best indoor s...
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Growing Marijuana for Beginners from Seeds

Growing Marijuana For Beginners From Seeds Growing your own marijuana from seeds can be an exciting yet daunting endeavor. As your friendly...
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Cannabis Leaves: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding the Inner Workings of Cannabis Leaves The Cannabis leaf is a highly recognizable symbol of 420 culture and is a very prominent...
Weed seasons

Top 10 Cannabis Strains for 2021

With the creativity and ingenuity of the country’s cannabis brewers, new and exciting strains debut every year. It’s easy to get lost in the...
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The Cost of Growing Cannabis

The Cost of Growing Cannabis The legalization of marijuana continues across the country. Many states allow for the use of this substance for...
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Choosing The Best Cannabis Seeds

Choosing The Best Cannabis Seeds Seeds come in many shapes and sizes, often making it hard for the grower to tell how healthy they are. For ...
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Common Nutrient Mistakes

Nutrient Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Cannabis Growing cannabis at home can save a regular smoker a lot of money. Cultivating the plants c...
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