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Discover the 7 easiest strains to grow for beginners

You never forget your first. It rings true when growing weed too. Choosing one of the easiest strains to grow ensures memories of smooth sailing and glorious buds. 

Few things are more exciting than popping your first taproot and seeing it grow into a majestic plant with glittering crystals. Getting started with undemanding genetics helps build confidence on your way to becoming a master gardener. 

You’ll still need to feed and water your plants, but easy to grow weed is more forgiving while you’re figuring out the lay of the land. 

Before sprouting your seeds, check out some of the traits that make growing weed for beginners easy

What to consider when choosing a strain

Growing your beginner strains can be quite an incredible experience when you have the right tools in your armory—this includes the correct info. 

Here are some things to look out for when choosing your beginner strains. 


At the start of a new hobby, you won’t want to invest large sums of money. Buying cheaper seeds takes off some pressure to produce an excellent yield—allowing you to have a chilled growing experience. 

Cheap seeds don’t have to mean lousy genetics; they often produce choice buds and outstanding yields. Some of the best strains for beginners cost less than $10 a pop. 

Growing time

Each marijuana strain has a unique growth cycle. Some plants will mature from seed to bud in eight short weeks. Other late bloomers can make you wait up to seven months before reaching maturity. 


If you need to maintain a low profile on your new hobby due to nosey neighbors—or just your personal aromatic likes and dislikes—there are specific strains with low-key dank factors. 

These are good beginner strains as you’re still figuring out the ins and outs of odor control.


Although all cannabis strains are hardier than your average fruit and veg garden tree, they too can take a beating. 

Breeders develop some strains to boast extra resilience against adverse weather conditions, pathogens, and pests. 

Investing in these easy-to-grow strains makes cultivation a breeze as they weather the danger without any need for you to stand guard 24/7.


When you’re serious about growing cannabis, you do everything in your power to ensure superb yields. 

Although external factors such as water, nutrients, and lighting play a pivotal role in your easy-to-grow weed’s success, genetics are equally important. It plays a crucial part in the size of your harvest.


Size matters, as always, and true to its happy nature the smaller strains boast many advantages. 

They take less space, making it the perfect marijuana for beginners growing their first batch of weed in the spare bedroom or an old cupboard. 

They’re also easy to camouflage amongst other plants when they’re smaller, so if you need some privacy for your new hobby, these are the perfect match.

Feminized seeds

Some of the easiest strains to grow are the feminized versions of well-loved cultivars. You save time and effort by cutting the sex identification process. 

The odds of a male preventing your females from flowering are slim to none. 

Newbies usually have a far smoother experience with feminized varieties. 

Best strain to grow indoors for beginners

Growing weed indoors can be a bittersweet experience. It’s great because you control everything, but a slip-up can cost you your entire yield. 

Easiest strains to grow

An easy-going strain simplifies growing indoors because you can focus on getting to know your indoor setup. Make sure you grab the best strain to grow indoors for beginners for the best results. 

Northern Lights x Cinderella99 Fem

This indica-heavy strain stems from two fuss-free cultivars that are known to churn out epic yields. The combination of genetics gives way to a super aromatic and compact hybrid—a dream beginner strain. 

“Great production and room-filling aromas.”

Kyle Kushman

Type: Indica-dominant

Yield indoor: 14–18 oz/m2

THC: 22%

CBD: 0.6%

Flowering time: 8–10 weeks

This strain is the perfect start to a rewarding journey if you’re new to the cultivation scene. 

The sturdy and compact plants generate excellent yields of resinous nugs. Whether it’s your first harvest or you’re a growing ninja, you’re sure to succeed with this resilient strain. 

Your herb should flower for about 7–8 weeks and demand very little attention along the way. This easy-to-grow strain does well in soil and hydro and loves humidity levels between 40–50%. Keep temps between 21–27 degrees. 

For the more adventurous newbies, employing a Sea of Green setup works wonders with this cultivar. 

The rich THC content of this cultivar induces pure relaxation. It’s an excellent toke to send you off to bed in a euphoric trance. 

Move over sliced bread; the next best thing has arrived. Northern Lights x C99 is like stuffing your bowl with a little bit of paradise. The refreshing aroma includes bursts of pineapple and zesty fruits. The hint of pine transports you to a tropical summer. 

Not only is this an easy-to-grow strain, but it’s also a great toke and an incredible high. 

Best strain to grow outdoors for beginners

Many new growers love to start outdoors as it’s the cheaper option and how nature intended it. 

Easiest strains to grow

Diesel Fem

“…the real joy here is in the flavor – delicious fuel notes with a slightly bitter aftertaste make Diesel a strain to be savored.”

Kyle Kushman

Type: Sativa-dominant

Yield outdoor: 34 oz/plant

THC: 14%

CBD: 0.2%

Flowering time: 8–10 weeks

Diesel Fem deserves its title as the best strain to grow outdoors for beginners. It’s not only a fantastic toke but super easy to grow too. 

Once planted, they don’t need much more than your usual care and grooming. 

You don’t need any growing experience to plant these easy-to-grow weed seeds. You won’t even need to stress about sexing your herb. 

After about nine or ten weeks of flowering, you harvest big, bright green buds that tickle your senses. 

Diesel thrives in direct sunlight. These seeds grow into big plants that can go as tall as 10 feet with massive yields.

This easy-to-grow strain boasts a citrusy diesel scent. Users love the hints of grapefruit that make their way through. 

It’s the perfect all-day strain. Enjoy full-body relaxation without any couch-lock. 

Others easiest cannabis strains to grow for beginners 

But wait! There’s more. 

Take a look at the following easy-to-grow cannabis strains for your first time. 

Bruce Banner Reg

With THC levels of up to 27%, this heavy-hitting sativa is an excellent addition to any grower’s repertoire. It’s a great beginner strain if you’re looking for THC-packed buds. 

AK47 Fem

AK47 Fem sits comfortably on the list of best strains to grow indoors for beginners. Add one or two little fans to circulate the air and ward off any dampness, and your plants will flourish. 

Easiest strains to grow

CBD Critical Mass 1:1 Fem

This strain delivers equal amounts of CBD and THC. It produces densely packed colas in a short time. 

Early Skunk Fem

Early Skunk fem is a mold-resistant strain that grows tall. It’s one of the best marijuana strains for beginners who want to experiment with training techniques. 

Blackberry Kush fem

Blackberry Kush fem is for berry lovers. The compact plum-colored buds are enough to get you hooked on growing your own. 

Frequently asked questions

We’ve rounded up some commonly asked questions and answered them for you. 

What is the best strain for beginners?

For outdoor growing, we’d say Diesel fem is the best weed for beginners. Northern Lights x Cinderella99 is by far our pick as the best strain to grow indoors for beginners. 

As you familiarize yourself with the demands of growing marijuana, you’ll easily be able to plant many other cultivars. 

What makes a strain easy to grow? 

Many factors have an impact on choosing the best strains for beginner growers. You’ll typically look at the following few things: 

  • Cost
  • Growing time
  • Resilience
  • Size
  • Lighting and nutrient requirements
  • Type 

A combination of these determines how easy it is to grow a particular strain. 

Is indica or sativa better for the first time?

Most strains these days have sativa and indica genetics. The best strains to grow indoors for beginners tend to be indica-dominant because they are small and stocky. They’re smaller than sativa plants too. 

What are the best strains of sativa that are easiest to grow as a beginner

Black Widow Fem Cannabis seeds are an easy-to-grow strain for newbies looking to nurture a sativa strain. Beginners appreciate its mold- and pest resistance and medium build. Not to mention the THC levels of up to 25%. 

Wrap it up

For the best results, grab some regular or feminized seeds from us today. Autoflower cannabis seeds are incredible, but there’s a reason they aren’t listed as the easiest strains to grow. Auto plants tend to have a shorter lifespan, so you have less time to fix any mistakes. 

Whichever strain you decide on, use excellent quality nutrients and read up on creating the best environment for them to thrive. 

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