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Growing Issues

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Iron deficiency cannabis

Dealing with Iron Deficiency in Cannabis Plants

Iron deficiency in cannabis is pretty common, with iron being an essential micronutrient, it’s easy to feed your plants less than they...
Moldy weed

How to Stop Moldy Weed

Moldy weed can occur as a result of a number of different reasons, no matter the reason, mold on weed is never good. In this article, we wil...
Stop seedlings stretching and falling over

How to Stop your Marijuana Seedlings from Stretching and Falling Over

Marijuana seedlings stretching and falling over can be a common occurrence in the early stages of the cannabis grow cycle. With that being s...
Stop seedlings stretching and falling over

Root Rot in Cannabis Plants – How to Solve and Prevent the Problem

Root rot on cannabis can cause some serious issues, in this article we will look at diagnosing the problem and then solving it. If you’ve be...

Can You Revive a Dead or Sick Cannabis Plant?

How to Resuscitate Sick and Suffering Cannabis Plants “Can this cannabis plant be saved?” is a question any person ever to grow ...
best strains for hot dry climate

Top 4 best cannabis strains for hot, dry climates

Make the process of growing your cannabis super-easy by choosing the correct cultivar and learning about the best strains for a hot, dry cl...
best strains for hot dry climate

Powdery Mildew – Part 2

What Is the Powdery Mildew on My Marijuana Plants? If you have ever attempted to grow marijuana and found a white or gray powdery substance ...
best strains for hot dry climate

Reasons Cannabis Seeds don’t Sprout

Top Reasons Your Seeds Aren’t Sprouting – And What You Can Do About It Seeds are designed to sprout, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Some s...
Purple Grow Lights

Purple grow lights: Why do most LED lights appear purple?

Why do cannabis gardeners use purple LED grow lights when they cultivate marijuana indoors? Is there an advantage of using violet instea...
Purple Grow Lights

Stress Causing Gender Change

Can Stress Cause Hermaphrodite Plants? Ordinarily, cannabis is a dioecious plant. That means one plant typically produces either male or fem...
Cannabis seedling problems

How to fix cannabis seedling problems right now

Cannabis seedling problems are a frightening prospect. Your weed baby is still at its smallest and most vulnerable. It might not make it to...
Cannabis light burn

Cannabis light burn: how to detect and treat

Cannabis light burn is a common issue for any cultivator.  Providing enough light is a pillar of marijuana care. It’s vital f...
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