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Space Bucket

Growing weed in a space bucket: the complete guide

Indoor growing has extensive advantages, but it also brings increased costs. If you’re lacking the extra space for a grow room and want to avoid higher-than-usual power bills, we have a straightforward solution for you: build a space bucket to cultivate your marijuana seeds at home.

It’s easy to assemble using affordable materials from your local hardware store. 

Let’s find out more about these growing buckets, why you should use them, and how to start yours today.

What is a space bucket?

Using a space bucket to grow cannabis is one of the most affordable methods when funds are tight and space is limited. 

This innovative concept combines the best elements of a grow room without the extra requirements. With a simple 15-gallon bucket, you can create a self-contained space to cultivate a single plant

Why grow weed in a space bucket?

Growing your cannabis in a space bucket really provides the best of both worlds—the main advantages are covered by three points:

Cost With the expensive equipment that comes with setting up a grow room removed, the cost of a space bucket decreases drastically.Not only are the materials cost-effective, but you may even have them lying around the house.
Control Indoor cultivation, in general, provides more control over the growing conditions your plant experiences. By using grow buckets, you’ll have more control of the micro-environment. While small mistakes are easy to correct, they’re also enough to kill your plant—so proceed with caution and provide consistent feeding, pH levels, and lighting.
Discrete This method of growing marijuana indoors occupies minimal space, making it ideal for small areas. If your space bucket is in view of prying eyes, it’s easy to conceal the wires and plugs with similar-looking containers.  

How to make your own space bucket?

What makes the concept of these discrete growing buckets so attractive are the easy-to-obtain materials. Of course, if you’d like to remove the hassle, you could purchase a premade one—but where’s the fun in that? 

Everything you need for your DIY space bucket is lying around at home or at your nearest hardware store.

Let’s look at the materials required for those wanting to get their hands dirty. 

Required Equipment

  • 5-gallon plastic buckets x2 (one with a lid)
  • LED grow light (180W full-spectrum)
  • Small fans x2 
  • Power strip
  • Timer
  • 0.23-inch bolts including nuts and washers x4
  • Thin rope 1 yard
  • Glue spray
  • Silicon sealant
  • Measuring tape and marker
  • Drill and screwdriver
  • Mylar film
  • Rotary tool
  • Duct tape
  • Razor blade

Remember that, when using the rotary tool, dust will fly everywhere—keep your protective eyewear close by.

Building a space bucket for cannabis 

Now that you’ve gathered up your equipment, let’s look at how to make a space bucket. 

Remember the golden rule: measure twice, cut once—this will avoid the frustration of having to start assembling your grow bucket from scratch.

Make a drip tray

Space Bucket
Space Bucket
  1. Draw a horizontal line 3 inches from the bottom of one of the buckets.
  2. Cut along the line using the rotary tool and set aside to use as the drip tray.
  3. The rest serves as the top of your bucket grow system.

Drill drainage holes

Space Bucket
Space Bucket
  1. Drill 12 holes, evenly distributed at the bottom of the second bucket.
  2. If your bucket has a handle, remove it now.
  3. This is the bottom part of your space bucket.

Create the main growth chamber

  1. Drill four holes, evenly spaced, around the top of the lower grow bucket—1.57 inches from the rim.
  2. Place a bolt in each hole, tightening it with the washers and nuts.
  3. Place the upper bucket inside the other, allowing it to rest on the bolts.
  4. Mark an L-pattern for the bolts, measuring 1.57 inches up and 1.57 inches across.
  5. Using the rotary tool, create a 0.23-inch wide channel. You can now twist and lock the upper bucket to the lower one. 

Place reflective material on inside walls

Space Bucket
Space Bucket
  1. Using the glue spray and Mylar film, line the inside of the weed buckets.
  2. Prevent light leakage by covering the outside of the buckets and drip tray with duct tape. 

Add ventilation

  1. After measuring the correct size, use the fan cover to measure the cut-out and mounting holes in the lower bucket, approximately 3 inches from the rim. 
  2. Use your razor blade to cut the required holes in the duct tape and Mylar film.
  3. Using your drill, make the mounting holes for the fan and the rotary tool to create the fan cut-out. 
  4. Repeat these steps in the upper part of your space bucket.

Add light

  • Locate the mounting holes on your LED marijuana grow light and trace the outline on a piece of paper. The outline should accommodate the light, mounting holes, power cable, and fan intake. 
  • Using the template, drill the appropriate holes in the grow bucket lid to create openings for the cord and mounts.
  • Create a hole for the fan intake using the rotary tool.
  • Remove the LED light lid and mounting screws and fix the light to the lid with washers and nuts. Reconnect the light lid. 
  • If possible, switch the fan to blow out of the bucket.  

Test everything

  • Once you’ve installed the fans and light, use the silicone to seal all gaps around them. 
  • Assemble all components of your space bucket and plug everything into the timer, which goes into the power outlet.
  • Flip the switch and check that everything is running as expected. 

Plant the seedlings

  • Now that your setup is complete, you’re ready to start growing weed in a bucket. 
  • Place the pot with your seedling in the space bucket and set the timer. 
  • Follow all the usual steps and you should be ready to harvest around an ounce of space bucket weed.
  • Remember to maintain an appropriate feeding and watering schedule and monitor your cannabis humidity.

Always remember to disconnect the power from your space bucket before watering your plant. Pay close attention to your drip tray and any water runoff.

Space bucket hacks

As we all know, there are many ways to skin a cat. The method explained above isn’t the only way to start your space bucket growth. The possibilities with this setup are endless. 

Here are some tips and tricks to customize your growing buckets:

  • If you want a larger setup, use larger containers to accommodate more plants. 
  • Create a hydroponic space bucket by modifying your drip system.
  • Stack the units for multiple space buckets in a confined space. 
  • Using a slightly larger fan allows you to maintain a more favorable cannabis temperature.
  • If odor control is a problem, add a stronger exhaust system with a carbon filter to the top of your space bucket. 
  • Use low-stress training to optimize the available growing space.

Ready for liftoff!

Don’t let limited space stop you from enjoying the rewards that come with cultivating your space bucket weed. Not only is using a space bucket accommodating with space, but it provides the best of both cultivation worlds.

Now that you know how to build a space bucket, all that’s left to do is choose the best indoor strain for your space. When looking for the best strain for a space bucket online, remember to refer to reputable seedbanks like i49 Genetics for a wide selection.

While you can grow any strain in this bucket grow system, we recommend that you use autoflower seeds. These strains generally produce smaller plants that are easier to train, making them an ideal match for the limited space available. 

So what are you waiting for? Gather up the materials and get building! Your quality space bucket yield is all the reward you need.

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