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The Cannabis Plant

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The 10 best cannabis autoflower strains

The birth of autoflower strains changed the cannabis industry forever.  Growing autoflowering cannabis seeds made cultivating your ...
Marijuana plant anatomy

From Buds to Trichomes: The Anatomy of a Marijuana Plant

Marijuana plant anatomy can focus too much on flowers. While it is easy to be enamored with the beautiful, dank, and sticky marijuana plant ...
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Top 5 Strains for Tasty Terpenes

Top 5 Strains for Tasty Terpenes Terpenes are hydrocarbons, and they are one of the most prized elements of marijuana. They are what give ca...
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11 Uses for Cannabis Stems

 Unique Ways to Use Cannabis Stems Do you have a container of weed stems somewhere in your home? The average cannabis consumer smokes almost...
Cannabis breeding and genetics