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11 Uses for Cannabis Stems

Unique Ways to Use Cannabis Stems 

Do you have a container of weed stems somewhere in your home? The average cannabis consumer smokes almost 125 joints each year, and most of them likely have a few stems lying around. If you grow your own indoor marijuana strain seeds or have an outdoor cannabis greenhouse on your property, then you’ll likely have much more stems and other valuable waste products than the average weed consumer. It’s a shame to waste them, as even the stems contain a bit of THC. Rather than tossing them, try these 11 unique and innovative uses for leftover cannabis stems.

Brew a Hot Cup of Cannabis-Infused Tea

If you want a calming sip to end a long day, consider turning those stems into tea. People go without sleep for various reasons, but cannabis-infused teas will help them relax before bed. Cannabis tea can help with acute or chronic insomnia and actually helps to restore the natural sleep cycle.

If you want the flavor of cannabis, brew the stems with water. However, if you want more of the beneficial medicinal effects, brew them into a fatty substance such avacado or coconut oil. You’ll need to decarboxylate the stems first by heating or toasting them on low heat, which keeps the valuable THC intact.

Be sure to grind the stems a bit coarsely, or the final product will taste bitter. Heat the fat, bringing it to a light boil. Add the stems and reduce the heat to a simmer for about seven minutes, stirring them often. Strain the fat through a coffee filter. Fill a teacup with equal parts cannabis mixture and brewed tea, adding cinnamon or honey for flavor. This recipe is also great for cannabis-infused cocoa on a cold winter night.

Enjoy a Weed Mimosa in the Morning

Kick this Sunday brunch favorite up by stirring in a cannabis tincture. Most smokers spend hundreds per year on high-quality cannabis, which means they likely have some stems to use. When the jar is full, pour in some grain alcohol. Let it sit for about a week, shaking the jar daily.

After the soak time has passed, strain the tincture to remove all plant debris. Use the liquid to liven up your next cocktail party or get-together. If you’re looking for a stronger flavor, use a magic butter machine to create a thicker and higher-THC mixture. Add a bit of pureed mango or strawberry to the mix for a fruity, flavorful twist.

THC Treats

Cannabutter (weed-infused butter) can be used in recipes for brownies, cookies, and other treats. You’ll need quite a few stems to get the right THC concentration, and again, you’ll have to decarboxylate them before use. Grind the stems in a food processor; the finer they’re ground, the easier it is to extract the THC.

Simmer the powder in butter for about 45 minutes, stirring the mixture regularly. Alternatively, you can use a slow cooker on its lowest setting. When the gorilla glue #4 or bruce banner strain stems are ready, they’ll turn a rich brown color.

Strain the butter mixture to remove all debris before letting it solidify. Use it immediately or save it for another day. The butter may gradually separate, but that’s not a cause for concern. The topmost layer can be removed and saved, while the bottom layer can be discarded as it’s mostly water. When consuming cannabis edibles, it’s important to take things slow, as it can take up to two hours to feel the full effect.

Make Some Homemade Paper

Show a special person how much you care by giving them a card made of cannabis paper that you made yourself. It’s easy to make paper products with weed stems and paper scraps; simply put them in a bowl to soak overnight.

After a good soak put the scraps and stems into a blender. Pour them onto a screen and let the water drain away. Then, press into a flattened sheet and allow the blend to dry for 24 hours. In some cases, further drying may be necessary. Once the paper is dry, trim it to the right size for a holiday card or thank you note.

Natural Candle Wicks

Hemp is a fine alternative to conventional candle wicks. It’s also a great fuel source for marijuana consumers, which makes stems a popular smoking accessory. Gather some long stems and strip them until they’re easy to bend. Twist the fibers to form a rope, and once it’s the right thickness, dip it in melted wax. Let the wax dry before using the wick as a lighter or in a homemade candle.

Cannabis Balms, Oils, and Creams

Topical treatments containing cannabis are great for body aches and sore muscles. Use your leftover stems to make oils, balms, and lotions. Cannabis topicals are effective because, when they’re applied to the skin, they bypass the digestive system. With fast absorption comes quick localized pain relief.

Sativa stems improve circulation and Indica stems are great for inflammation and irritation. Topical creams in general provide fast relief for blisters, burns, bug bites, and even menstrual cramps. Cannabis-infused lip balms are great for moisturization and the relief of cold sores, and it’s also a discreet way to maintain a buzz. Finally, marijuana bath salts are a treat for the entire body, that will gently relax all of your muscles and stimulate your deepest states of rest.

Marijuana stems have numerous medicinal uses, making them an excellent alternative to OTC (over the counter) medicines. Furthermore, emerging research shows how cannabis can treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Making a Cannabis Skin Cream

To make a cannabis ointment, begin by infusing the stems into olive or coconut oil. Warm the oil over low heat before adding the decarboxylated stems and stirring them for at least 20 minutes. Strain the mixture and set it aside.

Melt some wax and mix in the infused oil. Once the ointment has cooled, add in cocoa butter or aloe vera gel to bring it to the right thickness. Use essential oils for a pleasing aroma and additional hearing properties. For instance, lavender oil has calming effects, while peppermint is a natural antibiotic. Lemon oil has anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties, while rosemary oil helps to reduce blood pressure.

There will not likely be enough terpene concentration in your stems to really notice the difference between a topical cream made from Blue Dream and another made from Sour Diesel. Both will end up with a very mild natural hemp odour, which is nicely complimented by the recommended combinations listed above.

Make Your Next Barbecue Better

Improve your grilling game with hemp kebab skewers. It’s a simple way to add ganja flavor to shrimp, meat, and vegetables. Start by whittling the ends of the stems into sharp points and let them soak overnight.

Put your favorite foods onto the skewers and grill them to the desired doneness. The grill’s heat will infuse the food with a delicious hemp flavor, but it won’t get you high.

Add an Artsy Touch

Many enthusiasts make woven accessories and jewelry with cannabis stems. Roll a bundle of stems together to make a rope, then weave them into necklaces and bracelets. The fresher a stem is, the easier it is to bend. Alternatively, stems can be split with a blade for increased flexibility.

Natural woven baskets and hats are a popular summer trend that’s easy to make at home. Take the longest stems and soak them for a few hours to make them more pliable. Start in the middle of the basket base, using hemp twine to tie the stems together. Add in vertical stakes around the base. Then, weave up and around the stakes to make the sides of the basket.

Freeze and Preserve Your Kief

Kief is composed of the crystals covering a cannabis plant’s buds. It’s prized for its high content of beneficial cannabinoids, including the well-known THC. Do you want to increase your kief supply? It’s as easy as putting your stems in a resealable bag and freezing it. As the stems freeze, the kief will fall to the bottom of the bag. With a couple of vigorous shakes per day, more of the crystals will fall off. Use that pile of kief in a vaporizer, to make hash , or sprinkle it into a joint or a bowl.

Making Moon Rocks

Another good use for stem kief is in moon rocks. These are top-quality nuggets of bud that are dipped in cannabis oil and sprinkled with kief for a memorable high.

Depending on the strain you choose (we recommend Girl Scout Cookies), it’s possible to end up with very powerful moon rocks. Those making them for the first time should start with a strain that has a low- to mid-level THC content. As a moon rock contains cannabis in three different forms, it’s far more potent than the average nugget. Before smoking a moon rock, break it up carefully to preserve its potency.

In Conclusion

Sometimes, it’s not enough to know there’s THC in weed stems. Getting crafty with the leftovers shouldn’t stop at extracting tetrahydrocannabinol and making edibles. When they’re properly grouped, stems can make a usable filter or screen for a pipe or bong.

Depending on the size of the stems, they can be used for weaving, jewelry making, and pen making. Or, the longest stems can be used as makeshift barbecue skewers. Though it’s exciting to know that marijuana stems do contain some THC, it seems like a waste not to use them for baking, infusion, and other purposes. By pledging to use the entire product, you can enjoy those green buds while keeping our planet a bit greener as well. Now that you’ve learned a few everyday uses for cannabis stems, you may think twice about tossing them.


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