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Concentrates vs flower

Concentrates vs flower: which is best for you?

Ring the bell and let the fight begin! In the ring today, we have concentrates vs. flower. To the left, you’ll see buds—a classic choice and fan-favorite for decades. On your right, you’ll spot concentrates—a contemporary underdog gaining popularity. Who’ll win?

Keep reading as we drop all the deets on these popular cannabis consumption methods so you can pick your ultimate winner. Let’s go! 

Understanding the differences between marijuana flowers and concentrates

People enjoy cannabis in many forms, such as edibles, drinkables, concentrates, or an old-fashioned blunt. Both concentrated weed and flower are popular choices with unique benefits and a few downsides. 

What are marijuana flowers?

Marijuana flowers, also known as buds, are a common term to refer to the smokable parts of a female cannabis plant. The difference between concentrates vs. flower is the process used to get the final product. 

Concentrates vs flower

How do these precious buds come to be? 

  1. Buds are harvested from mature female plants. 
  2. A drying room with temperatures of 60-70°F and humidity between 55-65% helps dry buds.
  3. The buds are then cured in airtight containers to lock in the flavor and quality. 
  4. Once cured, buds can be stored and are ready for use. 

With flower vs. oil, the former is the less refined version. Cannabis buds are a more natural and age-old technique for enjoying weed. Flower is also the raw material we use for creating concentrated marijuana.

What is concentrated weed?

What is concentrate weed? Concentrates are simply concentrated forms of the flower. It’s also known as budder or honey oil since it looks like butter and sometimes honey. 

Concentrates vs flower

The process of creating weed vs. dabs is what makes each one stand out. So what is the cannabis extraction process? Most concentrates use chemical solvents to draw out cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis flower, leaving behind only a trichome-rich thick substance.

Concentrate vs. flower

There are many ways to consume marijuana. Each method has varying effects and uses assorted paraphernalia or weed ingestion techniques. Let’s break down the differences further between concentrates vs. flower.


  • Marijuana flowers

Experience flower power with this cool and sometimes mellow high. The concentrate vs. flower high is as different as night and day. Flower high usually comes on fast, releasing a mild buzz that lasts a few hours. 

Side effects such as panic attacks are rare with buds. The major benefit of a flower high is it’s gentle enough for most users. 

  • Concentrated weed

Concentrated THC content is much higher than flower. A dab hit comes on fast and powerful. You’ll feel it almost immediately, and the intense buzz doesn’t dull down for hours. 

High THC is significant for long-lasting pain relief. A huge difference between concentrate vs. flower is that the concentrate high is strong. It could be overwhelming for beginners and may cause adverse reactions.


  • Weed buds

Many high THC strains can be potent and reach up to 15 to 30% THC in bud form. 

  • Concentrated marijuana

With concentrate vs. flower, concentrates are the winner of high potency. Concentrated weed can reach crazy levels of THC, ranging from 50-90%. You could never achieve this potency with smoking weed

Consumption methods

  • Marijuana buds

There are various ways to enjoy cannabis buds that affect the concentrate vs. flower high. Here are some standard techniques: 

  • Roll it into a joint or blunt 
  • Smoke it out of a glass or wooden pipe 
  • Take bigger, smoother hits from a bong 
  • Vaporize it using a portable vape pen
  • Concentrated cannabis

Concentrated marijuana is just as versatile as flower. Here are some common consumption methods: 

  • Dabbing via a dab ring apparatus 
  • Infuse it into edibles, such as brownies 
  • Use topicals and transdermal patches 
  • Take capsules or suppositories with concentrated tinctures or oils 


  • Weed flowers

Most cannabis smokers know the flavor is a big difference between weed and dabs. Generally, flower is aromatic and flavorful. Some strains like Chocolope are delicious enough to replace dessert. 

  • Concentrated marijuana

Concentrates win with potency, but flower scores on flavor. Many concentrates lose terpenes during the vigorous extraction process resulting in a less flavourful product. 

There are high-terpene full-spectrum extracts such as live resin or sauce. These high concentrate THC products are bursting with the essence of weed. 

Concentrates vs flower


  • Cannabis flowers

When it comes to the health implications of concentrate vs. flower, bud isn’t considered as beneficial. Smoking is a popular method that may cause respiratory issues. Vaping is a healthier choice. 

  • Concentrated weed

When comparing the wellness aspects of weed vs. dabs, most say that dabs are healthier since they don’t involve combusting plant matter. Learning how to take CBD oil and consume edibles safely is better for you than smoking. 

Be wary of where you get concentrated marijuana, though, because some concentrates may contain traces of chemical solvents. Lab-tested products are typically safe to consume. 


  • Cannabis buds

When you check the cost difference between weed and dabs, flower is affordable, and lower-grade strains are typically cheap. About 0.04oz. will cost you around $10-$15. 

You can save tons of money and grow cannabis seeds in your home. Higher grade buds can be expensive, and smoking them can burn away up to 63% THC. 

  • Concentrated cannabis

Concentrates are more expensive but cheaper in the long run. Around 0.04oz. will run you anything from $20-$60. The concentrate vs. flower high makes this price justifiable. 

Dabbing results in around 20% THC loss. Dabbing at lower temperatures can decrease the loss. You’ll also get an intense high from concentrated marijuana with a minuscule amount.


What is concentrated weed?

Concentrated weed is a condensed accumulation of the terpenes and cannabinoids from trichomes in the cannabis flower. It comes in different forms, such as live-resin, crystalline, and sauce. 

Some concentrates use chemical solvents to extract compounds, and others use mechanical or physical methods.

How to make marijuana concentrate?

We don’t recommend making your own concentrates as the process requires professional knowledge and equipment. To concentrate THC and cannabinoids, you must use a chemical solvent that can cause explosions if misused. 

A safer option is through physical force such as beating or pressing buds, creating concentrates like kief.

Is THC oil stronger than weed?

Yes. When looking at flower vs. oil, THC oil can be up to 4 times stronger than weed. It can take approximately 0.12oz. of cannabis to make just 1 ml of oil. THC oil is stronger, but you’ll take small doses (1–3 drops) to experience a buzz. 

Do concentrates get you higher?

Yes. Concentrates contain crazy high amounts of THC, so they can get you higher than a joint ever could. The concentrate vs. flower high is unmistakable. Concentrates contain around 50-90% THC, while flower contains around 15-30%. Users describe the high of hitting a dab as intense and smoking a joint as mellow.

Is concentrate more expensive than flowers?

Yes and no. Concentrated marijuana is more expensive, around  $20-$60 for 0.04 ounces. Flower will cost you approximately $10-$15 for the same amount. In the long run, concentrates give you more bang for your buck because you use small amounts, and less THC content is lost.

Key Takeaways

In the match between concentrates vs. flower, there’s no clear winner. Concentrates may be healthier, but the high might be overwhelming for some. Smoking flower may cause respiratory issues, but the high is often more manageable. 
Both methods have their advantages and downfalls. Let us know which method is the winner for you, and start growing your own flower today.

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