Buy Weed Seeds in Wilmington

Are you having a difficult time finding where to buy cannabis seeds in Wilmington, Delaware? Novice growers and expert cultivators alike should check out I49 Delaware. We sell only the finest quality of cannabis seeds available anywhere. Add in super friendly, knowledgeable customer service and a market leading seed germination guarantee and your decision is an easy one with I49 online cannabis seed bank.

Located at the confluence of the Delaware and Christina Rivers, sandwiched between Philadelphia and Baltimore, Wilmington’s unique geographic position has earned the city the title of “The Corporate Capital of America” and the hub of the region. Rightly so as the city and state have made great strides to foster its spirit of success and innovation by attracting major American business to headquarter there. Delaware is also the first state in the union because it was the first of the thirteen colonies to ratify the Constitution, effectively making it the first state.

The Du Pont family is originally from Wilmington and the city shows their legacy very well. The Nemours mansion was built by Alfred du Pont in the 18th century French style. Strolling the gardens makes one feel as if they are visiting The Palace at Versailles. Certainly not to be missed is Winterthur Museum and Botanical Gardens. Pronounced “Winter Tour” this one hundred and seventy-five room mansion is regarded as one of the most beautiful buildings in America. Built by Henry du Pont, the mansion displays over ninety thousand artifacts and art pieces from as far back as 1640. Not to mention the sixty-acre botanical garden is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful in America adjacent to a thousand-acre wild garden. It’s easy to spend a whole day here.

Historical legacy aside, Wilmington is a fun city too. The Brandywine Creek Zoo helps in the conservation of over one hundred and fifty species including Red Pandas, Two Toed Sloths and Capybaras. The Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts is always on the leading edge of modern artistic endeavors and welcomes artists’ work from around the globe and down the street. Whether you are a “Delawarean” or a tourist, a visit to Wilmington isn’t complete with a visit to this venue.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

The marijuana seeds from I49 Cannabis Seeds are the best in the business. The proof is in the seed germination guarantee. Nobody in the industry backs up their products with an undeniable guarantee like I49. We have marijuana seeds for sale in nearly every strain. Whether you want to grow a sativa, hybrid or indica you will find it here with us. We want you to succeed so we make certain we give you the best seeds to start your home cannabis grow with.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Wilmington?

Weed seeds are legal in Wilmington as a novelty item. Unfortunately though, cultivation of cannabis at home is not possible unless you are a medical patient. The state of Delaware is one of the more progressive states regarding pot legalization. First offences have been reduced to misdemeanors with no jail time. You’ll still want to follow your local cannabis laws though and stay on the good side of the fight for legal weed. In short order full legalization will happen and I49 USA will be there ready for you. Order your seeds in advance and you’ll be the first of your friends to get your garden planted when the time comes!

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

If you are a novice grower wanting easy to grow pot seeds or a professional grower needing fast, consistent crops, then autoflowering marijuana seeds are well worth looking into. Autoflower seeds have been developed to not require the typical shift in lighting patterns that cannabis seeds regular do. Not being seasonally dependent allows autoflower seeds to grow quicker through their seedling and vegetative states. They are often ready to harvest weeks before non autoflower weed seeds. They are tough, sturdy and forgiving of mistakes. Check out our catalogue today for all the best yielding autoflowers.

What are Feminized Seeds?

When the goal of growing your own cannabis is to harvest the biggest possible crop, starting with a feminized seed is the best way to go. Feminized seeds are created through tricking a flowering female plant into producing pollen. Normally that is the job of male cannabis plants, however, when the female produces pollen it is harvested and applied to another flowering female of the same strain. The resulting seeds will have all the strains genetic coding and only female chromosomes. That means only female seeds will come from that process, guaranteeing you a healthy, high producing plant. Our feminized I49 cannabis seeds are so good that even folks intersected only in indoor weed seeds source their seeds from us.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Wilmington?

If your weekend or weekday plans include hiking one of Wilmington’s beautiful local parks you should consider orange cookie dough strain. Tropicana Cookies Purple is a sativa dominant hybrid strain known for mood elevation and a clear headed focused high. Great for hiking the five and half mile Eastern loop trail in Brandywine State Park. Rated for all skill levels it’s a great way to get out of the summer heat into the cool forest and stroll beside the river with your dog.

If you’d rather go dancing or just get pain relief from last night’s Waltz or Sambo class, the dosido strain outdoor is affectionately referred to as the square dancer’s strain. Super strong analgesic properties will have your feet back out on the floor ready for the next disco. Tolerant of cool climates makes it a very tough and durable strain to grow outdoors where safe and legal to do so. Beautiful to watch growing with leaves like lime and lavender, popcorn like buds sport bright orange pistol hairs and a glistening crystal coating that will have you dancing on the ceiling all night long with this strain.

Wilmington has some excellent eateries and sports bars for every taste. Wilmington at night calls for the company of your special someone and sharing your indica seeds company with them is an excellent idea. After sampling your home-grown Purple Kush or Northern Lights indica from I49, grab a cab or uber and head down to Kalbi Asian Bistro or go Ice Skating at The Riverside Rink. Top date night off with your homegrown Blueberry and a visit to Sweet Somethings Desserts in downtown Wilmington. The Dulce de Leche Cheesecake is to die for but get ready because you’ll want to stick around for the Chocolate Cream Pie as well. Good thing indica strains are appetite stimulants because the desserts here are good enough to stay all night and take some home.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

Cannabidiol or CBD has really dominated health news in recent years. The reasons why are as various as the marijua seeds at I49 online cannabis seed bank. CBD is the ying to THC’s yang. You can’t have one without the other, however, the potency of either can be regulated through careful growing of high CBD plants that produce almost untraceable THC amounts. This makes Cannabidiol ideal for treating children as well as adults because it does not produce the “buzz” associated with THC. Recent clinical studies and medicinal trials have proven CBD to be effective in stopping epileptic seizures, easing symptoms of anxiety and depression and relieving chronic pain. The proven effects and potential of CBD justify exactly why it has become a big deal.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

Thinking of putting in a vegetable garden in your backyard? Think about growing some cannabis alongside your kale and beets. I49 has the best cannabis seeds to buy online for your garden. Come fall it will be ready to harvest and you’ll be enjoying the sense of pride that comes with growing your own personal stash. By ordering your 420 seeds online from our extensive selection you can do just that. Marijuana blends well with tall tomato plants, blueberry plants and climbing beans. Did you know that cannabis leaves can be used in a salad alongside those fresh veggies? The large leaves do not carry much THC so they are safe to eat without fear of getting high. Making your own cannabutter or canna-coconut oil for baking edibles is another way to stretch out your bounty. Growing your own cannabis puts the power of choice firmly back in your hands.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

It has never been easier to buy cannabis seeds in Wilmington. No need to try and find a store or advertise to anyone that you are growing your own weed. Still wondering where can i buy marijuana seeds online? Just a few simple clicks and your favorite weed seed strains will be in the mail and on their way right to your doorstep. Safe, secure and most importantly, private in plain, nondescript packaging. We plan to earn your trust at I49 and we want to empower you to grow your own cannabis at home.  Read through the hundreds of five-star reviews online and you’ll be able to make your purchase with confidence!