Buy Marijuana Seeds in Aurora (Illinois)

Aurora was once a mid-sized manufacturing city and is currently the 115th most populated city in the country. It has been nicknamed the “City of Lights’ as it was one of the first locations in the United States to initiate electric street lights. It has a memorable downtown located on the Fox River and is divided into three regions; the West Side, the East Side, and the Far East Side.

With warm, humid, hot and wet summers and freezing winters, marijuana growers in Aurora either choose to have fall harvests by growing outdoors in the summer months or they choose to grow indoors to have year-round harvests. If you’re wanting to buy cannabis seeds in Aurora, check out I49 Weed Seeds and find confidence in a solid germination guarantee, exceptional customer service, and high-quality pot seeds.

Aurora might not have miles of accolades, but it does boast some incredible architecture by prominent architects.  If architecture isn’t your jam though and you prefer something a little more wild and exciting, the Holly Casino Aurora which is a dockside gaming center, might be more up your alley. Roll yourself a joint to smoke before you head out, since Illinois doesn’t allow toking in public, and try your luck at winning some coin. Then venture to munch a hotdog and watch the Kane County Cougars play ball! Nothing spells out a summer in Aurora like a classic game of baseball.

If you’re looking for laughter and adventure, be sure to head to Raging Waves Waterpark to cool down on a hot summer day. To stay dry and cool in the hot humid heat, you can also escape to Red Oak Nature Center and hide in the shade of the canopy as you walk through the forested trails. If you’re wanting more nature experiences, be sure to explore Phillips park, which is 325 acres of nature bliss. This epic park contains an aquatic center complete with waterslides, a Golf course constructed in the 1920’s, Phillips Park Zoo which is free to the public, beautiful gardens and more!

Whether you are new to the area or a long time local, if you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds in Aurora, Illinois look no further than I49!

I49 Seedbank: A Great Choice for Seeds!

I49 USA is the premium choice for growers from the super green novice grower to the expert weed cultivator. With a germination guarantee and importance placed on privacy and discreet delivery to your door, you can rest assured that I49 Seed Bank has your satisfaction in mind. Offering a wide variety of weed seeds in an online seed bank, growers can easily peruse the strains available to determine which one is most in alignment for their growing environment, medicinal needs, and which will produce the desired yield.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in Aurora?

Marijuana seeds can be purchased anywhere within the USA as an adult novelty item, so you can rest easy there. Illinois is the first state to approve the use and sale of recreational marijuana through law, instead of ballot initiatives, like the ones voted on in California and Massachusetts. That being said, currently in Aurora, only medicinal users are permitted to grow marijuana from home.  Medicinal growers are allowed to grow up to five plants at home, so if you plan to buy cannabis seeds in Aurora, Illinois be sure to visit I49 online cannabis seed bank.

As of January 1st, 2020, adults 21 years or older who live in Illinois can possess up to 30 grams of bud (approximately one ounce), 5 grams of concentrate, and 500 mg of THC edible or tinctures. Non-residents are permitted only half of that, so if you are a visitor to Illinois then that should be kept in consideration. There are also strict laws in regards to where marijuana can be smoked, so be sure to smoke it only at home or at cannabis-related businesses.

Buying Autoflower Seeds Online

Most experienced growers want to grow multiple harvests in a year and be sure to have consistent yields. The beauty of autoflower seeds is that they do not rely on complicated lighting schedules in order to go to flower, like regular seeds do. Autoflowering seeds also grow into slightly smaller plants due to their shorter vegetation period, due to their ruderalis genetics and offer a slightly smaller yield than regular seeds.

Autoflower seeds bud based on age, not lighting. Where regular seeds shift into the flowering phase when they are exposed to twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness, autoflowering seeds will flower at a much faster rate, and automatically. Even with as little as 4 hours of light, most autoflowers will begin to flower 7-13 weeks after germination. For detailed flowering times, strain descriptions, and information about what to expect from the high, these auto seeds won’t lead you astray.

How do Feminized Seeds Work?

Feminized seeds are the way to go if you are wanting to maximize your harvest with rich, bud producing plants. Males are wonderful, but they produce seeds and can pollinate the females creating seedy buds. Therefore, most growers have to ditch the male plants as soon as they can be identified. These feminized pot seeds for sale are a great place to start, if you’re looking for 420 seeds online.

To save yourself this trouble, you can start your home grow with feminized seeds right off the bat and you can be sure your weed seeds will produce the glorious buds we all love to blaze. Feminized seeds have modified genetics that allow them to self-pollinate, and there is no risk of them ever growing into a male plant.

What Weed Strains Grow Best in Aurora?

Growing year-round is definitely possible in Aurora with a little creativity. Gorilla Glue is a Cannabis Cup award winning strain that has very sticky resinous buds. It has been developed for years and the most recent strain, GG#4 has upwards of 30% THC which is beyond strong, so get ready for a trip! This is a perfect strain to smoke at home when you’ve have just danced the day away at RiverEdge Park watching concerts in the sun. These gorilla glue seeds for sale will keep get you growing your own stash at home in no time.

Alternatively, sour diesel strain seeds is an uplifting sativa strain that gets its name from its pungent diesel smell. Blaze a big joint of Sour D and head out to Jericho Lake park to hike the trails or play disc golf with friends.

A cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison, these girl scout cookies seeds for sale will offer you a happy and euphoric experience perfect for a day on the water at the Blackwell Forest Reserve. Just like their name suggests, the flavor is delicious!

OG Kush offers a spicy, pine like taste with Earthy undertones and offers a long-lasting body high perfect after a day at Blackberry Farm horsing around with the family. Grow your own at home and buy kush seeds today!

CBD Seeds: A Buyers Guide

CBD is also known as cannabidiol, and is being researched high and low for its medicinal properties. Unlike its cousin, THC, CBD is able to provide the user with beneficial effects without the psychoactive experience. This is a great option for those that are wanting to enjoy pain relief, for example, while being able to function at work or for other responsibilities like driving or parenting. Some ailments that CBD has been proven to help with are insomnia, reducing cancer cell growth, chronic physical pain, migraines, anxiety, and epilepsy, among many others.

Regardless of why you want to purchase cbd plant seeds, always be sure to source your seeds from a reliable seed bank.

Buy Pot Seeds Online for Your Grow Operation

When considering developing a home garden, experienced growers consider all aspects of what growing requires such as lighting, humidity, planting in soil or hydroponically and what strains they want to grow. Growing cannabis has never been easier with new technologies and the internet to scour for ideas and tips, which is good news for novice growers looking to try themselves at the art of cultivating marijuana.

Take some time to consider your unique growing situation and explore the cannabis seeds for sale at I49 seed bank. With discreet delivery and a powerful dedication to your privacy and the quality of the seeds, you won’t be surprised to hear they have tons of five-star reviews.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Aurora

Buying marijuana seeds online in Aurora has never been easier! Head over to I49’s extensive online catalogue where you’ll find a variety of kind seeds, feminized seeds, high THC seeds, and some of the cheapest weed seeds on the market. I49’s personalized approach to customer care will have you raving in no time, whether you are growing cannabis at home in grow tents, or outdoors in the glorious sunshine.