Auto Gorilla Glue #4 Fem

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Also knows as “Original Glue”, this powerful hybrid strain is created through crossing the infamous Chem’s Sister x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel strains. Buds are small, bright green, and extremely resinous. Its body melting effects can glue you to the couch, after a euphoric mental high washes over you in the beginning,
THC Content: 20%+ (up to 30%)
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
Flavors of Diesel, chocolate, and pine

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  • '5' '12609'
    Very good.Just finished a couple and I'm ordering more now a favorite
  • '5' '12609'
    bought 4 seed +2 free
    11 came in the mail and were not labeled..had to match up and guess based off right to left on a list reading top to bottom. 9/11 popped. they are huge. on day 55 from sprout and they're just starting to pre-flower. thanks for the dank seeds. just please please please label the seeds so you know which is which, i think i got it right tho they seem to grow much like descriptions claim and the GG4 was pretty easy to tell by the smell (we get gg4 from the cut here) and the stretch its done pre-flowering
  • '4' '12609'
    just started flowering - only 1/3 of my seeds germinated. pretty much on schedule. i wish i could make the plant bigger. can i reverse the flowering
  • '2' '12609'
    I attempted to germinate 15 various strains 7 seeds did nothing ! I have 5 growing . Do you offer replacement seeds ? All seeds were planted indoors under light with potting soil . Watched and watered like babies . They should have all germinated I think I got some duds .
  • '4' '12609'
    I attempted to germinate 8 out the 10 seeds I received. Only 6 germinated. I can not receive replacements unless I purchase more seeds. This is not a reasonable solution to my problem.
  • '5' '12609'
    Shipped 1 week and one day to Vermont not bad seeds were all there and easily identifiable in a bubblepack skunk so seeds were huge terminated in two days in dirt everything as promised liked free seed all I ordered germinated would recommend to anyone looking for good selection easy ordering a little quiet during shipping but if it comes who cares.
  • '4' '12609'
    So so
  • '5' '12609'
    Just got my seeds...great on time service. I have not popped them yet. But meet you up to date