Cinderella99 x Kalimist Fem


Buy Cinderella99 x Kalimist Strain for your home garden.

Both dreamy sativa strains with cerebral effects balance each other out in this fine, high-yielding plant that is worth the wait of longer flowering. Branches with proudly exhibit long spiraling buds that are coated in resin. It’s effects are happy, motivated, and focused.

Flowering Time: 10-12 Weeks
THC Content: 16- 20%
Spicy earthy flavors with a tropical citrus splash

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    Excellent Customer Service & Fast Shipping to USA. If you read their order form & emails, there is no problem. They let you know if there will be delays in delivery due to busy season in which is totally understandable. Customer service always got back to me within a day( during the week) and the product are great. Just shell out a few extra $$$ and get the guaranteed delivery, has tracking. The freebies were fem, labeled and all the same...Great for medical patients like me ;) My grower loved the quality quick germ of the seeds. Massive selection awesome pricing. People maybe turned off by the extra shipping$ but if you compare prices of other companies, even with the guaranteed ship, you save money. I am only using SS for seeds from now on. The other companies I used had terrible customer service and were a pain to order from.
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    I ordered my seeds without the guaranteed shipping. Super discreet shipping. My seeds arrived about 12 days later. I received 2 free Auto seeds with no information on what they were. The internet had no information on what they were. I emailed i49 and they got back to me in less 24 hours with the info I needed. I'd highly recommend these guys. If I may suggest in the package, or email what they are with the information of them so we know proper flowering times :)
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    Delivery was a no show twice, then after all that they said they would issue a refund, they believe they did, however nothing ever showed up in my account, after months of emails they basically said have your bank deal with it, so thats where I'm at now. Gone downhill big time lately, was not my first order.