Green Crack x AK47 Fem

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Buy Green Crack x AK47 Strain for your home garden.

Comprised of many different strains from around the world, this Sativa-Dominant hybrid will put a zing in your step and help chase away any sluggishness or lingering depression. You can feel happy, uplifted, and energized without the jitters with this glorious high that can outlast many others.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 16- 22%
Earthy, sweet, woody, skunky.

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  • '5' '15329'
    Awesome seeds speedy delivery, discreet packaging. Love your service. Received 2 auto-flowers I never asked for they knew I was seeding autos and sent them as my free seeds. Above and beyond my friends. Larger selection and more detailed information on effects would be nice, your wonderful as you are these are just possible improvements that could help improve future inquiries. Thanks again.
  • '5' '15329'
    All my seeds not only germinated , btu went all the way to harvest without any problems. 4 I grew inside, 6 I grew outside. Holy Cow the inside filled my tent, but outside the plants were huge and the buds were big, heavy and tight. This year I purchased through bank transfer and the order came even faster. Great customer service. Check them out.