Lemon Garlig OG Fem

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Buy Lemon Garlig OG Strain for your home garden.

The successful in-breeding of True OG for 6 generations leads to this durable and high-yielding indica-dominant strain. Very relaxed body-centered effect and to no surprise tastes of lemon and garlic. Easy plant for novices that has forgiving feeding schedules and lots of space between leaves for circulation.

Flowering Time: 10-11 Weeks
THC Content: 17- 20%
Earthy garlic and fresh citrus lemon with pine.

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  • '5' '15439'
    Seeds came quickly this year. Delivery was slower last year and they had told me in advance they would be slow to deliver because of all the demand given California’s first year to grow legally. I had good success with auto flowers last year and approximately 8 of 10 seeds planted survived and produced. I would like to see more mixed packs of seed but would and possibly mixes taht are indica. Not sure what goes into producing seeds but would like to see lower priced seeds in future if possible.
  • '5' '15439'
    best selection and pricing online. Impressed with how quick I received products. Definitely gained a regular customer.