Ultra Violet OG Fem

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Buy Ultra Violet OG Strain for your home garden.

The cross between Face Off OG and a Purple Indica, Ultra Violet OG has retained beautiful purple hues and increased yields. This 80% Indica strain is ideal for inducing a couch bound relaxation session, combined with uplifting happiness and a lazy distracted feeling that allows you to settle into the body stone and eventually, a deep state of sleep.

Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
THC Content: 17- 20%
Delicately sweet, herbal flavors with lemony pine aromas

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  • '5' '15983'
    The product they ship has some of the best seeds I’ve seen. I’ve been smoking since 16 yrs old not bragging but no a little bit about it. I will continue to shop with thier company.
  • '5' '15983'
    The first time I grew this plant I was amazed by how fast and strong it grew compared to the other plants I was growing. It is clear to me now that it had some superior genetics incorporated into its breeding. By the third week of flower the resin production abundant creating sugar rails. The smoke was smooth and top class and only got better with the curing process. With it being harder and way more expensive to find and buy the Ultra Violet OG strain by i49 is a great choice for anybody wanting to grow an easy and powerful plant.